My 4th hour TA brought me some fortune cookies from Panda Express today. They tasted good, I have to say. The fortunes inside were quite good. Just read them below; I think you should.
"You will step onthe soil of many countries" in the bathroom. Too true,
too true.

"Now is the time to set your sights high and 'go for it'"
in the bathroom. Just not too high, you might miss, if you know what I
mean. ;-)

Yes, you may say, this man is crude. You may well be right, and that's not rude. But, please, don't be put off. It is simply to get you to laugh. (FYI: you have to use an "ah" sound in laugh to make it work.)

Thank you.


aidan's hair and tongue

Believe it or not, Aidan's hair and tongue will both be displayed at the same time in this post. Oh, yeah, it's just that good. What could be better?!
Ooo, baby...cool hair!
Yes, tongues are fun.
"I can't stop laughin'!"
"I'm good lookin'."
"And my tongue's cool, too."

aidan eating

"I think this food's alright, I hope."
"Mommy's great at feeding me. I love to stare out the window."
"Oh, yeah. I'm hot stuff."


This is a picture of my board from my classroom on a review day.
Vulture is the game of ripping off someone else's...points. We play this game in my math classes on the second day before every test. The idea is that a student asks a question from the review and then another student gets to take the class through the problem and explain how to do it step by step. If they take us through the problem without a mistake, they get +1 on their test, but if they make a mistake...LOOK OUT! It's vulture time! Then another student gets to try to finish the problem from wherever the other student got stuck. If they then complete it correctly, they are the ones who get the +1, not the previous student. GO SCAVENGERS!
That's my little drawing of a vulture...idn't he cool?


AHHHHH! There's a reptile in my classroom!
We named him squiggle.
Idn't he cute?

beautiful katelyn

Beautiful Katelyn sleeping so soundly.
Beautiful Katelyn and beautiful Mommy.