six posts for the price of one

Yep...this has truly been a crazy year. I am proud to say that I have now successfully made it through school year 2007-2008. Graduation was this morning, and what a day for a graduation! It was about 110 degrees F just five days ago, but today it was stormy and topped out around 70. What gorgeous weather. Enough weather talk, though, because I want to simply give an update on life...

I was not accepted for the MSTF program through ASU this summer. There were over 40 teachers who received an invitation to the fellowship, and none rejected it. Another over 100 teachers were outright rejected right away, but then I fell in a third category, a category of suspense and torturous waiting. I knew all of the other teacher's who'd applied at DVHS were either accepted or rejected, but I received no word from ASU at all. It left me hanging and wondering if I should be doing the summer school gig or if I should plan on doing the MSTF. I wrote in and got a response a couple days later. I was told I was in the third category and I would know by last Friday whether I was in or not. I did not receive any word Friday. I didn't receive any word at all that weekend. I decided to wait until Monday morning to write and email asking whether or not I was in, and there was still no word. I wrote in and received a response in a couple hours: I was not in. So, I was bummed, but what could I do? Therefore, I will be teaching summer school starting this Tuesday. I get three days off in between second semester and summer school, and I plan on using them to the fullest.

The Van Liews in Phoenix will be getting together for the couple of birthday celebrations all rolled into one this Sunday at 4pm AZ time. Charles and Allison will be in town, and I am looking forward to being with family. It has been awhile since we've all be together out here. If you've not heard, Chuck Van Liew, Charles' father, just quit his job and is in limbo right now, but at complete peace because of his faith in the LORD Jesus Christ, and will be looking for a new job. He's been in the same employ for the last 25 years or so, so this is a major change for his family. It is a good move, so no worries there, but it still would have been a huge decision, though the right one. Aren't the hard ones normally the right ones? The whole family is proud of him and wish (pray, actually) for the best.

Amy, as of yesterday, is 3cm dilated and lost the rest of her mucus plug (gross). She had her membranes stripped at the Dr. appointment. She has been having contractions every 10 min or so this evening. We are hopeful that Isaiah Cole Van Liew, our third child (in three years), will be joining us this weekend. This is perfect timing as I am off from work right now and have a three day weekend. As mentioned before, I want to use this weekend to the fullest! Amy is looking forward to being finished with pregnancy for at least a couple years here, though she's said she's still willing to have more. God gave me the perfect woman for me, I'm tellin' ya!

Kate just had a check up this afternoon. She is now 17lbs. 14oz. That's a pound and a half since the February appointment. She is a lean one still, but she is about perfect on the ten percentile curve. We are extremely happy with that report. We weren't sure if she was gaining enough, but that gives us relief and comfort. The LORD has been good to us. Kate's had her struggles in life already, but she is bouncing back well, and she's one of the happiest babies you'll meet to boot. She just had her first birthday a week ago. Aidan turned 2 a month and a half ago, so we have a 2 year old, a 1 year old, and an about to be born (year old). I don't say anything with tongue-in-cheek. And that last sentence wasn't in the least bit sarcastic. Or that one. :)

Aidan's a stud and continuously gains new vocabulary daily now. I love watching him love his sister. I love hearing them laugh together, seeing them play together. Their interaction makes me wonder about Bethany and me: did we act like that when young? I hope so. It's brought Amy and I so much joy and enjoyment that I hope that was given to my parents for their joy and enjoyment. I am in complete wonder. I am so proud to be Aidan's daddy. It is amazing to watch human development and how intelligent such a small child can be. God created some incredible beings, I must say. Too bad we screwed it all up with our stupidity in pride and now that same intelligent child is also an evil, wicked sinner (a.k.a. "sack-o-sin").

Speaking of pride, I got to counsel a student who used to be a CCC leader until midway through last semester (Fall 07). She's had issues with her self-view and has hated her body and it's affected her entire life. Now, I'm not one to go for self-esteem as being key, but a believer needs to view him/herself in the light of God's holiness as well as His grace. We need to see the sinner part, but we also need to see the beauty. The phrase I was given (thank you LORD) during our conversation that brought the first true smile to her face that I've seen in months was: "you're the most beautiful thing He's ever seen." Let me explain. When the LORD looks at us, He sees His Son covering us, and, therefore, He sees the most beautiful thing He's ever seen. True, we have our issues, but we're covered by the blood of the Lamb, people. how incredible is that? Yes, we have our responsibility to live rightly in the LORD's sight, but we have His grace, as well. "Should we go on sinning so that grace may increase? May it never be!" But, on the same token, we are not to beat ourselves up and hold on to guilt for something He's already paid for and taken care of completely! How beautiful the blood! And it's all for His glory. Hey, don't forget...

You're the most beautiful thing He's ever seen!


pigtails- the aftermath

so, the pig tails are cute but whenever we put her hair up now this is what it looks like at the end of the day when we take it out.


last week was our first attempt at pigtails for Kate.  There isn't a lot of hair to work with but it was still really cute.

mother's day and baby dedications

This year on mother's day we dedicated Kate at our church.  We were going to do this in november but Kate was in the hospital at the time and we couldn't.  There were 5 other couples who also dedicated their kids on sunday.  Mother's day was nice this year.  We went to church, decided that going out to eat for lunch would be too crowded so we decided to go out at 4 ish for dinner with my parents.  We picked up some sandwiches for lunch and my parents came over here to eat.  The kids took a nap, we too a nap and then left for dinner.  It was more crowded than it was at lunch, but they over estimated the time and it wasn't too bad.  We had mexican food.  The kids and Adam signed me a card, and we are getting new carpet sometime in the near future, so that is my mother's day gift.  All in all it was a good day.