mccain's vp nominee


Amy and I got to go to last Sunday's dbacks game. Southwestern College gave alumni free tickets and food vouchers. It was a nice gift, and I got to see Tim Reed (long-time friend of my father, one of my old profs) and Brent Garrison (family friend from Palmcroft, president of swc).
Sure we were in the nose bleeds, but we still had a great view.
And I got to spend the afternoon with my lovely bride. Isn't she amazing, folks? Love you, beautiful.

Thank you, Ogles (though you never read my blog), for giving us the afternoon without kids so we could enjoy the game together.


My new glasses! Aren't they sweet?! Just a tad vintage? Maybe "fighter-pilot goggle"-like?
Just kidding, these are the ones I bought.
Wow...look at that beard. At least you can see I'm wearing my ccc shirt.
Not a bad pic, just a tad out of focus.
The pièce de résistance...my proof to me I need a haircut, beard trim, and some more exercise...racquetball anyone?
A bit ego-centric?

kate packin'

"I like to eat."
"No, really. I can pack away more than Aidan now."
"This is a staredown if I've ever seen one! Bring it on, mama."
"Yep, me putting more food in my mouth."
"Chicken nuggets rock! And I'm cute, too."

aidan pickin'

"I'm not picking..just scratching my face."
"And by 'face' I mean 'inside of my nose.'"
Oh, too cool.
Well, not too cool to drool.