tryin' somethin' new

I am going to try to do some video podcasting/blogging (aka vlogging) via the pseudobass.blogspot.com site that I have.  It is linked for you on the right side of the page under "family blogs."  I will be trying to get that RSS feed setup with iTunes so that you can subscribe to my podcast through iTunes and take me with you on your iPod, iPhone, or on your computer wherever you are.  I know...that's scary.


on a winter's night

She just has to be the cutest baby girl ever!
Ummmm...did I mention she's cute?
She was lookin' at her mama in this one. She gave her a nice smile.
Then she gave me one, too. Talk about "melt your heart"!
He's all ready to head out to Fry's Electronics on 31st Ave and T-Bird in Phx. And, yes, it is cold outside...at least to us desert rats!
You might think it, but cute is not his middle name: it's Aidan.
My good-lookin' goofball!

more recent pics of Katelyn Anaya

Those are some beautiful eyes looking up at you.
Too darn cute.
What a smile!
These pictures are more grainy because it was dark in her room at the time. I decided to take some pics because she had removed her feeding tube. She's incredibly gorgeous (like her mother)!
Time for bed, and she needed to have the feeding tube put back in. Not as much fun as it sounds. :-\

big dowdy

Ben Dowdy is 6'6" or 7" and he drives a tiny little 2-seater Honda. I couldn't believe that he could get in it, so I made him prove it when I was in El Paso for Annie Kitchen's memorial service...surprisingly enough, he fit (kinda...I think he left the door open in the picture because he can't get his knees fully in!).