tired aidan

He loves his blankie. He was watching something before going to bed and that's how he laid on the couch to do so. Crazy kid.


Great Grandma Ginny (for the kids, just grandma to me) is coming to town with Ernie this coming Monday through Wenesday. We are looking forward to introducing them to the AZ great grandkids. I've not seen Grandma Ginny in quite a while myself, so this will be a treat for all of us. We'll take pics and post them as soon as we get a chance.

iPhone post

Wow! I never thought I'd be able to use Blogger on my iPhone, but, then again, I didn't try all the tricks, I guess. Yes, I am typing this post on my iPhone. And I could have been doing this for a year now! Go fig.

aidan, kate, and NASCAR

Aidan and Kate were watching NASCAR. Why? Because it was on TV and they love to watch. We were over with the Van Liews at Larry & Susan's house. They family got together to celebrate Bethany and Josiah being in town. It was great to see them. Hopefully I'll put some picks of them up soon. That's first cousin once removed Ashley Van Liew helping Kate stand. You can kind of make out Chuck Van Liew, one of my uncles, sitting at the table in the background.

aidan, kate, and movies

This is how Aidan and Kate laid on the couch as they were watching movies Saturday morning.
Aidan loves to cross his legs.


surf's up

Now, I know what you're thinking, but, no, that's not a surf board (misleading title to be sure). It is an ironing board. Yes, after 5 1/2 years or marriage, I've finally broken down and bought my wife an ironing board. Sure, we had one that hung from our closet door (that she hated), but this one actually stands on its own. I know...amazing technology they have these days.