Something that students don't get about the DVUSD math midterms is that they are written by people who understand how students make mistakes. The writers of the exams work out the problems, showing the mistakes that students normally make, and then they put the incorrect answer that the students will get if they mess up, and they make that one of the choices. Students then walk out of the classroom after taking the midterm, feeling good about themselves and their incredible knowledge because all of the answers they got were there on the test, just to find out, when they check on Monday, that they failed it miserably. So far I have graded two of my drop-back classes' midterms, and both classes averaged an F (52% and 58.4%). I expect that my 7th hour will fall somewhere in between those two averages (since that's about normal for them on other quizzes and tests). Are the midterms written well? I believe so. Would I change them to help the students do better? No. If the students cannot do the correct work, then their grade should reflect that. The test is not too difficult, that is, if the students knew how to do their work correctly. Does it bother me that they score so poorly? Sure it does, but is that because I want to look good or because I want them to succeed? And even if it is for them to succeed, why do I want them to succeed? Even "good things" can be sinful because in them I am feeding an identity which is in something other than Christ: and that's sin. I'd still like them to do better.


dallas superb

The Dallas Mavericks (51 - 9) are the number one team in the NBA by 4.5 games over the closest team, the Phoenix Suns (47 - 14). The Mavericks have now won another 16 straight games, and 23 straight at home. Another team to watch is the San Antonio Spurs (43 - 18), who've won their last 10 games straight, and are now only 4 games behind the Suns. Only one game behind the Spurs, five behind the Suns, the Utah Jazz (42 - 19) are also a force to be reckoned with. The Western Conference playoff games might just be more exciting to watch than the finals, since the top 4 teams, and 5 out of the top 6, are in the West. Looks to be an exciting post season in the West.

forty-seven and fourteen

The Suns (47 - 14) played the Bobcats (22 - 40) at US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix last night. The Suns were not expecting to have to play hard, especially since the Suns had dominated their last meeting by 30 points, but the Bobcats had already lost six in a row, and they didn't want a seventh. Stat got himself ejected in the third quarter after his second technical foul (which makes a total of 14 technicals this season; 16 and there is a 1-game suspension). The rest of the team stayed in the game, but they were unable to pull away or even to stop the in-the-paint offense of the Bobcats. The game ended in regulation tied, 96 - 96. The Suns then dominated the tired Bobcats in overtime, outscoring them 17 - 8, and winning the game 115 - 106. That's about where the regulation score should have been, but the Suns ended up pulling it out anyway. The Suns play the Hornets (28 - 33) Friday night at 7pm AZ time. GO SUNS!


los amigos

This was left on my whiteboard by a student of mine.
Los amigos son angeles que nos ayudan a ponernos de pie cuando nuestras alas olvidan comó volar.


Friends are angels who help us to stand when our wings forget how to fly.

Of course, I'm not totally for looking at things this way, since I know what angels are, but I thought it was "cute," and it was left by a student, so I thought I might as well post it. What else do I have to write about?

aidan's response

We got to enjoy dinner with the Ogles last evening. While there, Christine (friend of the family and boarder with the Ogles) asked us if her brother, who'll be in town soon, might be able to stay in our spare bedroom for a night or so. I will still be on Spring Break, so it works for me, but I wanted to make sure Aidan was okay with it. I looked at him, smiled, and I asked, "Aidan, is that okay?" I nodded my head to give him a nudge in the right direction, but he shook his head instead. It was hysterical! We all laughed so hard that he got scared and started to cry. What an incredible blessing it is to have a son who thinks for himself!


forty-six and fourteen

The Suns (46 - 14) fought a tough Lakers (33 - 27) team Sunday. The Lakers held the Suns to one of their lowest first half scores of the season, only 46 points. Not only that, but the Lakers also had 46 points at the half. The Lakers' defense was pretty good, but it didn't cover the Suns' offense, not for the whole game, anyway. The Suns pulled it out, 99 - 94. Nash, Stat, and Trix all had double doubles. 5 players had double digit scoring. Piatowski had played well in the previous game, so he earned some playing time in this game, but he didn't produce, so he only played 6 minutes, with only one rebound and one turnover to his name. The Suns play again on Wednesday at home against the Bobcats (22 - 38) from Charlotte. GO SUNS!

forty-five and fourteen

The Suns (45 - 14) tackled Indiana (29 - 28) back on Friday, March 2nd. The Suns won by 25 points, just to show 'em that one loss to Philli couldn't keep 'em down. 115 - 90, the Suns beat 'em down. Kurt Thomas got 6 points, and was the only one out of the eight players not to score in double figures. Thomas got 15 rebounds, though, and dominated the boards. Barbosa and Stoudemire both had double doubles. The Suns kicked butt. The Suns moved on to play the Lakers (33 - 26) yesterday, Sunday, March 4th. GO SUNS!