As my mom so lovingly pointed out in a recent email, we've not posted anything in quite awhile. Whelp, Aidan now says his own name really well and knows that it is his. He points to me and says "daddy," to Amy and says "mama," to Kate and says "sissy," and then points to himself and says "Aidan." Kate is getting more gorgeous all the time. We just had another doctor's appointment for her. The appointment previous had indicated to us that she had not gained any weight from the appointment before that, but that she had gained considerable height. Well, the doctor was not good with no weight gain, but said that there was at least no loss. The doctor then told us to up her calorie intake again. We started putting rice cereal into her formula bottles. We also upped the baby food. The appointment was yesterday, Thursday, and she had gained half a pound, so the doctor was pleased. Amy has found something for her heartburn. It is a powder that she diludes in water that she drinks in order to balance out her body's pH. The RN that got Amy into the essential oils was the one who pointed her in this direction about her body's acidity. Amy has felt a lot better, in relation to the heartburn, but another problem has arisen. Amy got some blood work done recently, and we found out that she is severely anemic. She got some iron pills, but they've not done enough yet. We're hoping that with some more time that she'll balance out there, too, and have the energy that she's been lacking. Hope you enjoyed our quick update. We'll have to do some more pictures and video soon.