student quote

"Do they sell spaceships?"


student quote

"Does the sun come out on Halloween?"
~L.L. (Period 6)



These pics are from when Club Pink (the women's ministry at ncc) had a scrapbooking day and I was asked to serve the ladies specialty coffees. I had a good time getting to use all of my old barista skills, and I think the ladies had a nice time, too. Amy took these pics with her iPhone.

under the auspice of harsh punctuation and wit-driven convos

Yeah, it's a long title, but it's worth it. That is what I now refer to Cassi Robert's conversations with me online. Check this out...

sassilassicassi: and can i assume you're listening to a jars of clay album?
pseudobass: you may start assuming

I mean, how witty can one be? Wow. And check this out...

sassilassicassi: this conversation reminds me of one i had with sarah once online
sassilassicassi: i'll have to show it to you; i printed it out at one point
sassilassicassi: only ours made me laugh harder, i think
pseudobass: fine then!
sassilassicassi: because of the fury of our typing
sassilassicassi: no! i mean yours an dmine
pseudobass: oh, you and me
pseudobass: heh heh
sassilassicassi: an dmine, haha
sassilassicassi: geez, get all defensive...
pseudobass: an dmine?
pseudobass: that sounds scary
pseudobass: does it hurt?
pseudobass: heh heh
sassilassicassi: i was trying to type quickly
sassilassicassi: and yes, it hurts

My goodness. How good can it get? It's pretty sweet, I gotta tell ya.

sassilassicassi: woah.
sassilassicassi: anger.
pseudobass: wow, the "woah" without a period is playful
pseudobass: but the "woah." with period is too serious
pseudobass: calm down
pseudobass: heh heh
sassilassicassi: that's how it was intended.
sassilassicassi: .
pseudobass: .
sassilassicassi: ahaha!
sassilassicassi: .
pseudobass: .
pseudobass: .
pseudobass: .
pseudobass: take that!
sassilassicassi: .
sassilassicassi: !!!!!!!!.
sassilassicassi: .
sassilassicassi: .
pseudobass: yikes
pseudobass: that's just insulting

And then there's Amy, sitting patiently in the wings, shaking her head and having a small chuckle at my expense. Well, making people laugh is one of the things I'm all about; and, no, it doesn't matter why they're laughing, even if they're laughing AT me, at least they're laughing, right?


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