I believe I have mentioned Resolved before: it's the group of college age and up who desire a deeper growth and greater impact in the local body and the local community. I have been asked to be in the Resolved leadership, and part of my role would be to define my role, since there will be little direction from Jamie Self (studentministries pastor at ncc) because he wants to get a group of people together that love the Lord and will take initiative in creating ministries and loving people for the Kingdom and for His name's sake. What a great goal! Amy and I are talking about being finished with the high school group and moving solely into Resolved at the end of the summer. It would free up more time during the week, and we'd have the opportunity to be with more people our age. Peers...that would be nice. To God be the glory. May it be done in such a way that there could be no other explaination than God did it.

twenty-eight and eight

The Suns played a pretty good game tonight. They couldn't keep a very dominating lead, but they lead from half way through the first quarter to the end. The Suns win their 28th game tonight against the Orlando Magic, whom we now dropped to the third ranked team in the East because of their loss tonight. The Suns are now 14 - 0 when they win the first quarter. Weird statistic, but one that I like. The Suns are still only one game behind the Dallas Mavericks for the best record in the NBA. Dwight Howard is a dominating player, and we really didn't have an answer for him, but we had 6 players in double figures, including all five starters and Barbosa, who (prediction) will win the 6th Man Award, mark my words. Boris Diaw just missed his second triple-double of the season, with 19 points, 11 assists, and 9 rebounds. Steven Nash had 23 points, leading all Suns, and was second highest scorer of the night, behind Orlando's Jameer Nelson (26). This would be a pretty good match up for the NBA finals this year. The Suns are in Memphis to take on the Grizzlies (9-29) on Monday, MLK Day. The Grizzlies just lost to the Chicago Bulls tonight by 45 points, 111 - 66. Should be an easy win. GO SUNS!

twenty-seven and eight

Thursday, the Suns (27 - 8) took on the top ranked Eastern Conference team, the Cleveland Cavaliers (22 - 13). LeBron James is always someone great to watch, but Marion did a great job keeping him from becoming too large a factor in the game. LeBron was the only Cavalier to really do anything at all for the team with his 34 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists. Only one other Cavalier had double figures scoring: power forward, Drew Gooden. The Suns, on the other hand, had 5 players in double figures: Marion (19), Bell (18), Stoudemire (17), Barbosa (16), and James Jones (13). Nash had an incredible 21 assists in the game. This is the second time this season that he has had 20+ assists in a game. Avery Johnson (now coach of Dallas) was the last player to accomplish this feat, back in 1998. The Suns were up against the best team in the East (at the time) by as much as 32 points a couple of times. The Suns' bench got cleared at the end of the game, dropping the lead to 19 at the end, winning 109 - 90. The Suns were fun to watch, and they made their winning streak 8 games in a row. They take on the second ranked Eastern Conference team, the Orlando Magic (22 - 15), tonight in downtown Phoenix. GO SUNS!

twenty-six and eight

The Suns beat the Seattle SuperSonics back on Tuesday night. It was the Sonics out on a fast start, but the Suns quickly came back and stayed ahead for the rest of the game. The Suns win, 113 - 102. GO SUNS!


previous students

I have a bunch of last semester students that keep coming in to see me. It is a great feeling to know that I made an impact on students. Some of them even have become my TAs for this semester. It's nice to think that they appreciated my sarcastic personality enough to see through it to the heart I have for them as individuals. Maybe the impact had nothing to do with math, but math is not the end-all: Christ is. I pray that the impact that I leave on DV would be a God-glorifying one. To Him be the glory.


Pardon the language, but I was told that someone in the counselling department, here at DVHS, believes that I am a "hard-ass;" and this was said in a good sense. I am strict on my students, and I can handle the tough ones. At least, that's what I think it would translate into. At least, that's what I'm gunna think.


"Don't give up on the Hope that gave you breathing."
~The Wedding

favorite student

The "favorite student" did show up yesterday, but he was not a jerk as before. He even told me that he should just do what I ask so he can get through the class. At least there's something motivating him this time. I did ask him about why he was in Algebra 1 instead of 2, and he said that he should be in 2, but the counselors had to fix a lot of things, including his schedule. We'll see how long it takes; even if he does stay, I learned a lot about dealing with different kinds of students through interacting with him and others last semester: I don't think it would be as difficult this time, Lord willing.



Well, my "favorite student ever" did not return yesterday. He was on my roster, so he must have been re-enrolled for this semester, but he did not show up to class. So he's already got one unexcused absence. Isn't that just dandy. He might be here today, but I won't know until 7th hour. Pray for my attitude.


kid returns

I just found out that my largest headache is coming back this semester. I believe he either got suspended and had to re-enroll, or he was at least dropped from most of his classes. He was in my dropback Alg 2 last semester, and for some reason is now in my Alg 1 dropback class. I don't even think he belongs in the class. A counselling issue? I hope it gets taken care of. I am not looking forward to this. I don't know if teaching can take place with him in the room. We'll just have to see. The Lord be my strength.


teaching math

I had one of the classes that I thought I'd get this semester taken from me the morning of the first day back from Christmas break. I had no idea that they'd changed my schedule until that morning. Instead of having an AIMS Prep (which already replaced an Algebra 1/2 class I had last semester), 2 dropback Algebra 1's, and 2 regular Algebra 1/2's, one of those Algebra 1/2's was dispersed to the other Algebra teachers and I got a third Algebra 1 dropback class. I know I am the second lowest on the totem poll, but it sure seems like I'm taking the brunt of changes. It will take me another five years before I'll have some sort of seniority around DV, since there are a lot of veteran teachers here, and they deserve their seniority because they've earned it. So, I am not complaining that I am being treated unfairly, I am just stating that I don't like change. Maybe the Lord is trying to strengthen me through a trial of change. Truthfully, I am surprised how tired I am just five days of school back into teaching. I need to rely. The Lord is good. Yahweh-Mehsah :: The LORD my Refuge.


The first evening dvccc leadership meeting took place last night. We had 8 students show up. We've got some great stuff that they're planning for Monday, 1/22, which will be our first meeting that the leadership is opening up for anyone to come to. We will have leadership training/planning again, starting at 5pm, and then the second session for everyone starting at 6:30pm. There will be a game, a skit, a praise time, "Preston's Corner," and an invited speaker. It looks like it will be a great time of fun and fellowship. Deer Valley Christian Club on Campus is a go.


twenty-five and eight

Six in a row, and now only one and a half games behind Dallas for the top seed in the NBA. The Suns (25 - 8) beat the Warriors (18 - 18) at home tonight, and quite soundly, 128 - 105. The highlight of the night was that James Jones scored a remarkable 25 points, shooting 5 of 8 from three-point land, and he was only one point behind the game leader, Barbosa. It was great to see that going back to the old leather ball allowed him to get his shot back. He had been just terrible for the last part of 2006, but he's back. Marion stood out as another great player tonight, with 24 points (third highest scoring of the night) and 17 rebounds. The next game is home this Tuesday, 7 pm, against the Seattle SuperSonics (13 - 23). They're on a four game losing streak. Should be an easy win. GO SUNS!