kate walking

Nice pic of my knee.  Oh yeah, that's Kate with the cart.
There's Amy helping Kate.
Oops!  Need to learn to turn.
Aidan was watching Kate do her thing.
He also watched Amy help Kate turn the other way.

kate learning to walk

Katelyn is really about to start walking now. So she's not the quickest learner, that's alright, but she's pretty darn close as is. She was using Aidan's cart to get moving around the livingroom. She did pretty well at it this afternoon. See? More pics later.

ben fagerlie

Ben and Amanda came over last night when Amy was at a baby shower for Holly King. They brought me a sundae from DQ and we talked about movies some while Amanda used my iPhone. What they really wanted to do was to play DDR on our Wii. Dance Dance Revolution is fun, and we did play for about 30-40 minutes. That is a picture of Ben taken by Amanda when she was using my phone.



Aidan enjoyed Eli's birthday cupcakes, too!

eli's bday

We were over at Chris & Nicole Blackfords' house Friday to play games, but it also happened to be their son Elijah's birthday. He liked his cupcake. Can't you tell?

kate's napping position

Yes, I went in to get Kate up and that's how she was laying. Go karate girl!