cashflow winners

On this the last day of school, the last day to play CashFlow with my AIMS Prep class, there were two groups that made it to the "fasttrack" and then one of the teams won the game by buying their dream: running for mayor. They are Katie Nichols and David Van Boven. They were a good team and they played smart (meaning that they listened to my advice at times and made good decisions). It was a great learning experience for all, and fun at the same time. Congrats, Katie and David!


student quote

Background: it's finals day, and the students had to put the hour on their scantrons. I jokingly mentioned that the hour should be lunch because it is a combined 4/5 today (whichever one is a class hour for the students and not lunch is the one they attend). Then the student said, not catching the joke:

"Why would we take a final for lunch?"
~B.B. (Period 4)


student quote

Background: this student was asking me about the ages of my children.

"You have a thirteen and a half old and a new old?"
~C.C. (Period 2)