two thou shalt not count, unless thou dost then proceed to three

Aidan was excited that he got to have fire on his cupcake.  Nanny, Mike, Francy, Amy, and I all sang him happy birthday before Amy helped blow out the candles.  The candles and balloons were definitely his favorite things of the day, though he does love his cars.
He started eating the cupcake.
He really doesn't like having sticky stuff on his hands.
He had to stop eating because of his hands.
He just could not go on with sticky fingers.

happy second birthday, buddy

It was Aidan's second birthday Monday, March 31st.
Nanny, Agoo, Zsa-ji, Mama, Daddy, and Sissy were all in attendance for a party the Friday before.
We got him some balloons for his birthday.
One of them sang "Happy Birthday."
You have to hit it to get it going.  Aidan loved that.
Amy helped Aidan as he opened up his presents.
He got a large blanket with some cars that he can "drive" on the blanket's roads.