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I mean, what can I say?


see the fishes?

Kate loves to sit in her swing as she sees the fish "swim" by above her head. She now talks with them as if long lost pals. The coo-ing, jabbering and other sounds that Kate now makes are extremely cute and warm my heart, expecially when they are aimed my way.

crazy hair

Now, you might not be able to see it very well, that is, because of the lighting, but Aidan's hair was a mess after we woke him up in order to head home after we'd been over at Agoo and Zsa-gi's all afternoon and evening for an Ogle family get-together of those family members in town. What an incredible blessing to have a child. Aidan bring stresses, be sure of that, but what joy! Praise be the LORD's.

beauty sleeping (or sleeping beauty?)

What peacefulness a babe must garnish as sleep encompasses dreams and thought.

beautiful, yet cursed

As you can seen in the fourth and last picture down, as the sun was setting in the west, there were ominous clouds and even a rainbow arching across the desert sky. How wonderfully enrapturing must nature have been before we tainted it with the curse!

in a new light

These pictures are of the same storm and sunset, just with a bit of different lighting, though.

desert sunset & storm

I took these pictures just north of the Valley of the Sun near Anthem, AZ. It was incredibly gorgeous watching the storm pour down its welcome moisture as the horizon caught fire with the setting of the sun. Breath-taking.