once again

So it has been a while for me once again, I guess I have no real excuse.There has been alot happening since I last posted but you already have heard most of it because Adam posts on everything. So I guess I'll just kind of ramble for a while. Kate is taking a nap and Aidan is playing in his playpen, as he does every morning after breakfast. Its mostly peaceful here this morning. Kate woke up early this morning so I fed her an hour before I usually do (6 instead of 7) I think maybe she is starting a growth spurt...or maybe she just didn't get enough to eat last night at 7. She is generally a "good baby". She is more high mantience than Aidan was, or still is. She likes to be held more and she has really bad gas which causes her to cry, no scream, at the top of her lungs at unexpected times for seemingly no reason. I am hoping she grows out of this but my expectations aren't very high. Well, so much for peaceful. Kate is now crying and so is Aidan...Aidan was dirty and is drugged up because he is cutting a bunch of teeth, he went down for a nap but is now crying. Kate went back to sleep, who knows for how long with Aidan's crying. Anyway, where was I? Kate, she is growing very quickly and is also losing her hair like Aidan did. She has a mullet now too, but she is still cute. She is very happy most of the time and likes to smile and laugh. She also likes to sit up. She tries to do it all the time, she has to have some really strong abs and neck muscles. Aidan is so big now, I can hardly believe it. As I said before he is cutting teeth, generally this doesn't make much of a difference in his behavior or outlook on life in general. This time around he must be cutting alot of teeth and they must hurt pretty badly. He didn't even want to chew up his cheese yesterday because it hurt too much...thats pretty bad. Mostly he just waked up from naps crying because his teeth hurt and when he gets up he is kind of crabby for a little while. I know it wont last long and it really isn't too bad. Aidan continues to add new words to his vocabulary every day. Our current favorite is "thank you" (see video). Yesterday while he was in the playpen all of the sudden he just started laughing for no reason. I peeked around the corner to see what he was doing and he was just standing , laughing. He kept throwing his head back while he laughed. It was really funny, this went on for about 5 minuets. I still don't know what he was laughing at, and I don't guess I ever will. He also finally figured out how to drink out of a straw yesterday. This has been a long time coming but I don't know if he really like it once he had done it. I don't think he understood that there would all of the sudden be a big mouthful of liquid all at the same time...
We are in process of packing up our house to move. We just got the final word yesterday that we are going to get a house that we made an offer on last week (as long as all the inspections and such go well). Escrow closes on the 12th of October. So thats pretty cool, this will be the first house that we will live in the no one in our family has owned at some point. I don't particularly enjoy packing but it has to be done now. We have to patch all the holes in the walls from pictures and touch up paint as well. Michael and Chelsea Withem are going to be renting our current house from us which is really cool. I hope everything will go smoothly with the move.
One of my fillings fell out of my tooth over the weekend. It hurts. I have had such a hassle getting an apt to get it fixed. First we couldn't find our dental insurance cards and then we had to wait for an email to tell us what plan we had but were not told a number or anything to do anything with. Then I was just going to make an apt with a dentist that was close to us that was on the plan but found out that if we didn't use the dentist we signed up with we would have to pay full price. So of course we could only call and get help from 6am to 6pm. Finally I get a hold of someone who tells me who our dentist is (we never actually picked one so I think they did for us). I call the dentist, they are supposed to have me on record and they don't. They told me to call the insurance back and have them fax something to the office. SO finally I got and apt for tomorrow, I hope its just going to need replacing but I have a feeling that I will need some more work, I have bad teeth and always need fillings whenever I go to the dentist. I really don't like the dentist. I would rather be in labor and deliver a baby than go to the dentist. So anyway, time to go.


writer dies

James Oliver Rigney Jr, a.k.a. Robert Jordan, the beloved author of The Wheel of Time series, died Sunday. Jordan died of a rare blood disease at the age of 58. This is a sad time for his wife and for his readers. For his readers, they are probably even more upset that Jordan died while writing the final installment of the series, book 12. Jordan will now never have the opportunity to finish his epic fantasy where Rand al'Thor takes on "ultimate evil."


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