another kate update

Kate is not coming home for at least another 24-48 hours, the doctors said this morning.  We're hoping that will mean tomorrow, but we'll see how Kate progresses.  This is because Kate lost another 3rd of an ounce from yesterday to this morning, even though she did so well eating from the bottle (though still not sucking).  Kate ate 24 ounces of liquid today in three meals, and was going to get one more feeding of 6 more ounces before sleeping for the night.  In between dinner and the last feeding, Kate got an "NG" tube put in her nose down into her stomach.  This is because, even though she ate so well yesterday, she still did not get enough calories in order to gain any weight.  This feeding tube will allow a long term, slow feeding over 10 hours while Kate sleeps (that is, if she leaves the tube alone).  Kate, within the first 3 minutes of having the tube in her nose, took it out.  She's amazingly resourceful, I have to say.  While it was good that she ate more yesterday, and even more than that today, it was a more emotional day today as our nerves are starting to come to the surface and we're becoming more edgy with each other.  We felt that she had done so well yesterday and that she should have been coming home today, but that wasn't the case.  We put our faith in that instead of the knowledge that the LORD knows best and has His glory in mind, and that's what we need to be all about.  There are so many things grabbing for my attention right now (choir concert Sunday night, barbershop practice for a performance on the 30th, college and career at ncc, all on top of what's going on with Kate).  Amy's been quite the trooper through all of this, I have to say.  This will be good for us, as the LORD trains us through this and we also learn physical care for a baby not eating well.  I'm wondering how the LORD is going to allow us to use this knowledge to help others in the future....  As a last note for tonight, I got to see Aidan again!  WOOHOO!  I love my little buddy.  He smiled when he saw me and we played and laughed for a while before I put him down for a nap while I ate with the Ogles and then woke him up and brought him home.  I very much appreciate the Ogles taking care of our little man for the past four days, but I really needed to see and touch my son.  He hugged and kissed me.  My heart needed it after this week's excitement.  Quite a blessing from the LORD, truly.  It's on to church tomorrow for Aidan and me (which was supposed to be our baby dedication day for Kate before the congregation at ncc), and then we'll see what the doctors say about when we can bring Kate home.  Pray that it'll be tomorrow and that Kate would have gained weight.  Pray that the LORD would be glorified in it all.


back and forth

Life's been pretty "back and forth" lately. Back and forth to the hospital and home for me, and Amy, at times. We've put over 220 miles on the van in the past three days. Kate is worth it. I did go to work and teach today, but I am now headed back to the hospital to be with Amy and Kate. I still have not seen Aidan in three days. I miss my little buddy. Hopefully tomorrow.

Kate update: Kate's going to be fine, but it is going to take a bit more time to get her used to a bottle, actually to suck on it, and to then get her the full amount of nutrients she will need to catch back up to where she should be growth-wise. We have a nutritionist who is going to be giving us the amounts of liquids and solids we'll need to give her daily, and then we'll break that down to how much per meal. Kate did take 5 oz from a bottle for breakfast this morning, but she did not suck on it. That should come, though. We are confident that the LORD has been answering all of your prayers for Kate. We are excited about bringing her home, but the doctor told us yesterday that it would be another two days (we're hoping that means she'll be coming home tomorrow - Saturday - night). Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Our body is a loving one (and I'm not just talking about the local body of ncc, but of all the believers involved in our lives). "God is good all the time. All the time, God is good!"


kate update

I just got home from the hospital. Adam and I switched places for tonight so I could get more than an hour and a half of sleep...oh the joys of room sharing. Anyway, Kate is still in Phoenix Children's Hospital (not Good Sam or St. Jo's). Today we saw the speech/swallow therapist. She told us Kate could swallow. After further extended conversation with her we have a few different things to try with Kate to get her to drink out of a bottle. She is not getting enough liquid according to her and may have to have a feeding tube put in if no progress is made with the bottle thing. We are working on training her to suck on her own etc. More details on that later when I can think straight. Feeling better about the whole thing but still need to talk to the dr. more. Hope to see him in the AM. The speech lady will be watching the noon feeding tomorrow, and we will see how things go from there. Kate has charmed all of the nurses that have seen her. She smiles at all of them and they all seem to love her. I hope she sleeps better tonight without interruptions... I declined to have her vitals checked at 2 am and we have a new teen age room mate whom I assume sleeps through the night. Kate had to have an IV this evening because she wasn't peeing enough. She wasn't too happy about that...really not happy when the nurse blew the first vein and had to start over in the other hand. But seems to be content smiling at everyone, and chewing on her ID band. More later, thanks so much for your prayers and everything, it means alot. Now...sleep


kate in hospital

Tuesday nights are always CCC (the Christian Club on Campus) for Deer Valley. I sponsor this club as a ministry and help shepherd and disciple the student leaders of the group. But not tonight...

Katelyn has been having a rough day today. Amy took her in for a follow-up visit from our last week's excursion. Last week we took her in just because we're concerned about her weight loss. She's not been eating as well as she should have been. She had been sick, so she stopped eating as much, but more than that, she's not been taking in the amount of formula she needs because she will not drink from any type of bottle, no matter the nipple or sippy cup form or size. Is she just picky? Is she having a hard time swallowing? She eats baby food, and swallows it, for that matter, without pause. Since we found out Amy's been pregnant, she's physically been unable to breast-feed, otherwise we'd still be doing that (well, she'd still be doing that). With that background laid for you, Amy took her in to see the doctor for the follow-up, but she had lost 3 more oz. in the last week, so he suggested the hospital for her. Amy came by school and got me after school was out. Amy had already taken Aidan to the Ogles', where he is spending the night, and we then proceeded to the Phoenix Children's Hospital at 19th St and Thomas in downtown Phoenix. We got her in there around 3:30-4:00. We got a room and they took her vitals. The doctor for the night shift (a very personable and understanding man) was great and asked us the same questions we'd answered at least twice before, but we obliged. He told us that nothing more would happen tonight but that we'd get at it in the morning and run tests and the like. I came home so I could sleep and then teach tomorrow, and Amy stayed with Kate. It was hard for me to leave, but I have teaching to do, also. Amy is holding up well, and Kate is doing fine. Strangest thing about it: she is "healthy," happy, coos, smiles, interacts, lifts herself up, and is overall doing fine (not to mention that she's gorgeous).

One of the great things that happened tonight, though, is that my Grandma Irene called and came to the hospital to be with us. It was great to see her again, catch up a bit, and have her around in a time of need. She is a great care giver, and we appreciated very much that she was willing to come and help us out. Love you, Grandma.

We'll see what happens tomorrow. If I have to leave work, I will leave work. Family first. But there is no need for me to just be there and wait (not to mention that there is really only one chair in the room for others besides patients). Amy is great. I appreciate her very much for stepping up and being there and allowing me to work in the meantime. I'll be getting back there as soon as I can after school tomorrow. I'll try to keep you all posted on what's going on. But for now, please pray for our little girl.


first look

Here is your first look at van liew baby #3.