takin' it in

It is a great big world out there...and I'm just tryin' to soke it in. This is my "deeply pondering" face. Does it work? Maybe it's more like my "dad you've had that iPhone camera in my face way too long" face. What do you think?


It was Aidan's...now it's mine...muahahahaha!
See? I still got it. Um, dad, why are you taking a picture of me?
Dad, no, I mean it...it's kind of creepin' me out.
Okay...maybe I like the lime-light. Yeah...yeah, I do.

day at the ogles'

Aidan got to play with his "walker," as Mike and Francy call it, at the Ogles' house, too.
Watch him go!
Gotta watch out for those coffee table legs...they're known to jump out at you without warning or provocation.
Zsa-gi, Aidan, and Kate getting their picture taken.

coy smile

I am pretty darn cute, and my coy little smile proves that I know it.