nerd day

Yeah, so today was nerd day during spirit week.
These are a few of my students who decided to dress up.
Yes...I got made fun of all day.
This is one of my TAs.  She even put underwear on the outside of her pants.  Weird.
This was just too cool.


little suns fan

We were over at the Ogles' this afternoon.  Well, our A/C busted, so, yeah, Amy was tired of being pregnant and sitting in a hot house, so we went over.  Aidan and I played out in the back yard for quite awhile.
The Ogles were gracious enough to let us hang out there, and, actually, Amy and the kids are sleeping over there because of the A/C, but I have a bike and I need to be at school and let Amy have the vehicle, so I am sleeping at home alone.  AHHHH!  Oh, yeah, and isn't Aidan quite the studly and cute little man?
So, these pictures are of Aidan and how cute he is, not about our A/C, but, hey, you needed an update on our lives, right?
He's my little suns fan.  Also, he keeps expanding his vocabulary.  He is getting really good at saying a lot.  (Wonder where he gets the talkativeness from?  Didn't think so.)
I don't know how he would stack up to others, and that doesn't even matter, but I believe he is incredibly awesome and quite intelligent.  Wait...he's still a sinner in need of a Savior.  Pray for that for my children today, would you?

Oh, yeah...and the Suns beat the Warriors tonight, just fyi.

aidan and eli

Amanda Fagerlie brought her nephew Elijah Blackford over when watching our kids Sunday night.
Aidan has really started liking to wear hats.  Normally he'll put both of the ones they're wearing one inside the other and wear them both at the same time.
The boys looked so darn cool wearing them together that I had to get some pics.
Uhuh...what macho studs, right?

aidan and kate

Aidan loves to hold his sissy's hand.
He reaches out and grabs her hand to hold it all the time now.