We went to Militza Arena's quiceƱera tonight, but beforehand we saw a crazy thing. Quite the mind-boggling sight. I couldn't believe that I'd really just seen it. Across the street, there was a dodge truck driving wrecklessly in a parking lot. I couldn't tell why he was driving that way, but he swerved right, then left, then right into a thirty-foot palm tree, which bent with the blow. It bent the bumper around the tree, and even after they backed the car away a bit, the bumper stayed with the tree. The front of the truck was smashed back a few feet into the engine. Two firetrucks, an ambulence, and a police car showed up about 5-10 minutes after the accident. Amy saw one of the people from the truck get placed on a stretcher. Hope they're alright.


six and six

The Suns almost blew another game. They had a 22 point lead, and the Nets cut it down to five with a couple minutes left in the game. Nash's free-throws sealed the deal with seconds left. The Nets inability to hit three-pointers let the Suns keep a little lead in order to win the game 99 - 93. It is still hard to believe that the Suns can be such a solid team, score so many points, make so many great plays, and still let the other team in the game toward the end of the fourth quarter. At least we're now a five hundred squad. We're goin' up from here! GO SUNS!

game twelve

The Suns take on the Nets in US Airways Center (formally AWA) here in Phx. Nash gets to take on the team led by his former mentor, Jason Kidd. Kidd was the starting point guard for the Suns back when Nash was a rookie, coming off of the Suns bench. Kidd and Nash both left the Suns, but we got Nash back. This should be another good game, well played, exciting to watch, and the Suns should get another tally in the wins column. GO SUNS!

mavericks at spurs

Dallas (seven game winning streak coming in) at San Antonio (second best record in the league to date). The game came down to the last few seconds and freethrows. These two teams are at the top of their game, and have been each season for the past few years. These teams going head to head make some of the best games to watch. Dallas has now won eight games straight, as the Spurs did not make the three-point shots they attempted in the last few seconds. There was a non-call on a foul that was committed, and so the game ended. What a great game, though. Two great teams. We'll be seeing much more of both teams this season at the top of the charts.

four cryin' out loud

No, that wasn't a misspelling. Four Cryin' Out Loud is the name of the barbershop quartet that I am in with three other men who I met through Southwestern College. The bass, Seth Bohling, and I were in the original four that we put together while in college, but now we have two new middle men: Steven (baritone) and Phil (lead). We are performing on December 8th at NCC's Women's Christmas Tea/Dessert, and for Seth's church the week after. I'll see if I can't post some of our songs on here soon. Four Cryin' Out Loud.



This Thanksgiving, like most of my previous Thanksgivings, we spent over at one of my uncle's houses, less than a mile from our house. Good food, good company. One of the most memorable things said came from my cousin BJ. He was holding Aidan, Aidan was babbling, Valene (BJ's mom, my aunt) said that BJ should talk with Aidan, and BJ said, "Why? I don't speak Chinese." Oh, happy Thanksgiving.


five and six

The Suns win. The Suns win. Second team on large winning streaks have now fallen to the Suns in the last two games. The lethargic Suns pull out a win because the Hornets couldn't buy a basket. The Suns didn't even have to break the century mark to win. The Hornets were held to 83 points, while the Suns ended up with 92. A nine point win was a great way to use their Thanksgiving Eve night. Two disappointing notes: (1) Leandro Barbosa sprained his left ankle during the game and did not return. Hopefully he'll work it out and be ready for the next match-up, especially since he's the Suns highest scorer, putting in, on average, more than 20 a night. (2) Marion missed all but two shots: one finger-roll and the last points of the game: a three-pointer from the corner. The Suns are now 5 - 6. After winning our next game, Friday against the NJ Nets (5 - 6) at home in Phx, we'll be at .500. GO SUNS!

large lead, bad loss

The Suns, this season, have been playing great basketball. The games the Suns have been playing have not just been well-played, but have been extremely fun to watch. If you want entertainment, watch the Suns play anyone. The Suns will put on a show, and still let the other team get back into it so it keeps the game interesting. Not that we desire them to lead by a lot and then lose, but it does keep it interesting. The Suns will get into the groove, and then start blowing out some opponents. Just wait.

game eleven

Taking on NOK Hornets tonight. The Suns defeated the last team after they won five in a row. The Hornets have won four in a row. That stops here. Suns need solid defense and consistent shooting, and that throughout the game. The Hornets are now 8 - 3. We'll give 'em four losses. GO SUNS!


four and six

The Suns took on the Golden State Warriors in Oakland tonight. Steve Nash provided the game winning three-point shot with four seconds left in the game. The Warriors got a good look in the last seconds, but they missed, so the Suns beat the top ranked team in their division tonight. First road win for the Suns this season. We still need a lot more of those, but it was a great, high-intensity game, and the Suns stayed in it the whole way. The Suns were down by 16 at one time, but fought there way back to being up by seven. The Suns lost that lead, and were tied in the final 25 seconds. Nash made a three-pointer, and that ended up being the difference in the game. The final score was 113 - 110; Suns win. Nash got 19 total points and 15 assists in the game. GO SUNS!

once again lyrics

Jesus Christ, I think upon Your sacrifice.
You became nothing, poured out to death.
Many times I've wondered at Your gift of life,
And I'm in that place once again;
I'm in that place once again.

And once again I look upon the cross where You died
I'm humbled by Your mercy and I'm broken inside
Once again I thank You
Once again I pour out my life

Now You are exalted to the highest place.
King of the heavens, where one day I'll bow.
But for now I marvel at Your saving grace,
And I'm full of praise once again;
I'm full of praise once again.

Thank You for the cross
Thank You for the cross
Thank You for the cross, my Friend

once again

Once again I come to a place where I find myself surrounded by people in groups that I've coerced my way into. Was I ever welcome? Am I just being self-servingly self-depricating? I'm tired of forced friendships where the "friends" don't really consider me as much. Maybe this all comes from frustrations I have with some of my students. Maybe I'm unable to deal with those situations in my head and then externally in a way that I know would be pleasing to the Lord; so I internalize the issues, grow more and more frustrated, and less and less truly concerned about students as individuals that the Lord loves. Oh, how I need that sweet, sweet reminder that I am just as "frustrating" to God (not that He actually gets frustrated); but He loves, provides, protects, teaches, grows, and blesses me in so many facets of my life that I don't have words to describe, and I'm sure there are ways that I don't even know. This is a trial. Will I endure? Will I persevere? Will I receive the good gifts that come down from the Father of lights, such as wisdom? Will I be joyous that I know He's still sovereign, still in control? *Lord, help me to be that way. Forgive my arrogance in taking your place as judge, trying to decide what is best for me without Your input. Change my heart, O God; make it ever true. Change my heart, O God; may I be like You! And once again I look upon the cross where You died; I'm humbled by Your mercy and I'm broken inside. Once again I thank You; once again I pour out my life. Thank You for the cross, my Friend.*



"There are lots of things to think about,
but nothing to worry about."
~Matt Koepke


It is before six-thirty on a Sunday morning. I would never be up this early, but I have the privilege of driving my parents-in-law to the airport this morning. They are headed up to Oregon to be with the Ogle relatives for Thanksgiving. The five of us (Mike, Francy, Amy, Aidan, and I) will be headed to Lubbock, TX, together for Christmas, to be with Francy's side of the family, the Falbos. Safe travels, Ogles; we'll cya again real soon. Oh, wait, that should be: happy trails to you...until we meet again. ::humming continues::