Isaiah Cole Van Liew

We also had an ultrasound soon after we got back from vacation and found out we were having another boy.  His name will be Isaiah Cole after Isaiah chapter 6, which is my favorite passage of scripture.  When Isaiah is called by God and is made clean by being touched with a coal on the lips. 

Kate update

I just realized we haven't said anything about Kate recently.  She is doing wonderfully now.  Right before Christmas we took her in for a weight check and she was at 15 lbs.  She was sucking well now and eating enough oz during the day so the doctor said that we could take the tube out so we didn't have to take all of the stuff with us to Alabama.  We were excited about that.  She told us to e=keep everything in case we had to put it back in when we got home but we would check her weight again when we got back.  THe doctor was just expecting her to maintain her weight while we were gone and not to gain anything else.  We took her in again a couple of days after we got home and she had gained another pound while we were away!  So now she is off the tube for good and we are starting over on solid food.  Thank you so much for your prayers throughout this whole situation.  God is good.

christmas vacation

I know its a little late, but better late than never I guess.  Sorry it's been so long, but we got a Wii for  Christmas/ Anniversary and that has been occupying all of Adam's time recently.  We took a trip to Alabama for Christmas this year.  It was such a good trip and we had a wonderful time with Adam's family.  It had been 10 months since we had seen any of them and none of them had met Kate yet.  We left on Christmas eve night about 8.  We were expecting the airport to be packed but we lucked out.  We didn't even have to wait to check our bags curbside.  We witnessed a strange yelling match between the lady who takes your tickets at the gate and a passenger right when we got to our gate (they were just finishing boarding the flight before ours).  Then we waited, got some hot dogs and some chicken for Aidan, and replaced the water bottles that we had to leave at security (I looked up online about taking them with kids and I was sure they would make and exception for a baby with formula...but no).  We weren't sure about the flight time and what that would do to the kids, but both of them actually slept most of the way there, and it helped that it was a nonstop flight.  We arrived about midnight, met Adam's parents and then had to drive an hour to get to their house.  The kids went back to bed , and so did we.  It was a long day.  We were expecting cold weather while we were there, or at least colder than it was here, but most of the time we were there it was about the same temp as at home, just wet.  It rained quite a bit while we were there, that was nice.  One day there was a tornado warning all day.  The day before we left was colder and the morning that we left it was 23 when we got to the airport.  I was glad that it wasn't that cold the whole time we were there.  It was nice to see Vaughn and Kathy's house in person and to see Beth and Joseph and Jonathan.  Beth is due with the next installment at the beginning of next month.  We had some really good conversations and Nana and Papa had fun playing with the grand kids.  Adam and I went out to dinner and a movie for our 5th anniversary.  THe trip home wasn't quite as fun.  We had to get everyone up early to get to the airport.  The lines were long, we had to change planes, and didn't get to sit together.  The kids had a harder time because they were tired.  But we made it and everything is pretty much back to normal.  I got a cold while I was there and gave it to everyone else when we got home.  Adam's wasn't too bad though, which was god because he didn't have to miss work, we was only sick for a couple of days.  We were really glad we were able to go to Alabama for CHristmas and New Years.