Aidan has a way with words. He counts with incredible accuracy (read the previous post on it) and he tells great jokes (again, read more posts). He is also extremely caring toward his siblings. He's started giving kisses and hugs to both Kate and Isaiah just whenever he feels like it. It melts the heart, let me tell ya. He also has special things he calls his siblings. For Kate, he calls her "Sissy." He'll say things like "Sissy's cup" and "where's Sissy?" For Isaiah, well, he's kind of transitioning back and forth between names. If he's just trying to say Isaiah, he says "Eyes Eyes." He might also just say "Baby." When he wants to put those two together, he says "Baby Eyes." He's now started shortening that to "Be Eyes." I think I like that one the most. What do you think? Vote on the new poll in the side column. You have one week! Let your voice be heard.

happy independence day

We ended up taking the family (Adam, Amy, Aidan, Kate, & Isaiah) over to the Blackfords' place tonight (only family was invited, but we got on the list!). We went there because they live very close to the Peoria Sports Complex which hosts a fireworks show each 4th of July. Since fireworks are illegal in AZ, that's about all one can LEGALLY do in Phoenix to enjoy the bright lights and loud sounds of fireworks. We really wanted Aidan to enjoy it because he loved Christmas lights so much and would Oooo and Ahhh at them every time we went by some. Aidan wasn't that into it, sadly. They didn't start the display until 9:15pm, and that's already about two hours past his bedtime, so he was a bit fussy and didn't focus well. We still enjoyed the show. And we got to hang out with people we love (yes, Ben & Amanda, that means you, with a special shout out to Bill & JoAnn, Steven, Chris & Nicole, Sarah, Matt Bill!, even the child Rebecca -inside joke-, Miles & Terri, and the billion dogs that you all have). Overall, it was a good evening. JoAnn...I love your homemade ice-cream! Thanks!

counting with aidan

Counting with Aidan is fun. I am quite enjoying this as a new pastime. He has his own number system that I would like all of you to accept. As he starts counting things on his own, he counts: one, three, four, nine. And that's it. Now, I was listening to him count the other day and he counted: one, three, nine, four. 1394 just happens to be the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) number for firewire connections (speedy digital transfer connection for computers, similar to the concept of USB, but in competition with it, if you're familiar with USB). That's my boy! (Especially because firewire was developed by Apple. Booya!)

aidan's first joke

Yes, I am posting this as Aidan's first joke. Amy would disagree with me, but I thought it was so funny I couldn't stop laughing when the conversation took place.

Aidan: "Knock, knock." (yes, that's what he actually said...he had just heard a knocking sound)
Adam: "Who's there?"
Aidan: "Bird."
Adam: "Bird who?"
Aidan: "Outside."

I was almost rolling on the floor. It was great. And that was on June 13th (not as remiss as my previous two posts).

lunch with Amy

Back on January 26th (yes...again, I know), Amy and I were at lunch at Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant.

Amy (who was pregnant) said: "It's a good thing I already have heartburn," as she started to enjoy her bowl of shrimp chowder.

convo with aidan

This one is from January 2nd (yes, I know...I've been remiss). I was talking to Aidan.

I said: "I love you, buddy."
Aidan said: "Cars."

What love!


high five

Lately Aidan has been wanting to give everyone high fives, all the time.  I am not sure where this fascination came from because he already knew how to give high fives.  He likes to give them while getting his diaper changed, while sitting at the table eating, while watching a movie (to the characters in the movie), while playing with Kate, he even tries to give them to Isaiah.  Yesterday while we were eating dinner at the table he tried to give one to everyone at the table.  He says, "Daddy high five"  "momma high five"  "sissy high five".  Since he was told not while we were eating by Adam and I, and since he had already gone around the table he said, "Aidan high five" and he gave himself a high five.  I had to turn my head so he wouldn't see me laughing at him.

not as funny maternity story

While we were walking the hall ways because we were waiting for a room to open up.  I was having a contraction while Adam was talking to his mom on the phone.  He decided that it would be fun to poke me in the stomach while I was having the contraction.  I told him not to touch me.  He, for some reason, didn't seem to understand why I told him that.  I consider my self pretty easy going, but poking a pregnant woman in the stomach who is in labor while having a contraction just isn't a good idea...no matter who the person is.


funny maternity story

We left the house at 3:40am 5/24/08. The nurse checked Amy out, hooked up the monitors, and after a while told her to walk. We walked for about and hour and a quarter, from 10 to 5 until 6:05. We walked the hallway from one end of the hospital to the other at least five times. I made Amy laugh once just as she started to have a contraction. She was talking about wanting her water to break so they had to admit her, since they still hadn't at that time, and I said...
Water? It's not water. It's disgusting crap. [The question should be:] "has your disgusting crap broken yet?"