"1...2...3...Aidan wins!"
Vaughn 'Aidan' Van Liew, III, and Jonathan David Dumas are cousins. The first time they met, they laughed together and enjoyed themselves. We got these and other pictures done today at The Picture People at the Arrowhead Towncentre Mall in Glendale, AZ. Aren't they a good looking bunch? They don't look anything alike, but they're cousins.

"We're man enough to hold hands."

van liew family reunion 07

The George Charles Van Liew, Jr, family (my dad's dad's side) got together today at Sunburst Park, located at 47th Ave & Paradise Ln. We got a picture of the whole family on the jungle gym. The whole family included the following: Grandma Irene (Van Liew) Betts; Vaughn & Kathy Van Liew; Adam, Amy, & Aidan Van Liew; Joseph, Bethany, & Jonathan Dumas; Larry, Susan, Cody, Caleb, Audrey, & Ashley (w/boyfriend Tyler) Van Liew; Jim, Marcie, & Ethan Caughey; Chuck & Brenda Van Liew; Nathan & Courtney Steinmann; Susan Irene Van Liew; Howard, Valene, Violet, BJ, & Levi Hays; and Kris, Becky, Justin, Lynnsae, Curtis, Peter, & Joshua Van Liew. 36 Van Liews (+1). The only ones we were missing were Grandma Irene's husband, Howard Betts, and the newly weds of last night: Charles & Allison Van Liew.
After we took pictures, we went to the open field and played kickball: yellow versus green (see picture). Yellow won 18 - 15 over the Green. GO YELLOW! It was a blast to play around with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins that came together for this reunion. I got to talk with Kris' kids more this time than ever before (since this is the second time I've seen the whole family and I didn't get to hang with them much the first time). What a great time with family. The Lord is good.

claim to fame

I have a new claim to fame: my cousin Charles had never been kissed on the lips before...ever...not by anyone. It was his wedding day, and just because I felt like it, I kissed Charles on the lips before the wedding. I didn't know that he'd never been kissed on the lips. So, instead of his first kiss on the lips by anyone being his new bride, I went in and stole it! w00t! Hence, my new claim to fame is that I was the first one to ever kiss Charles Phillip Van Liew on the lips. Charles, if I'd known, I wouldn't have. But since I did, please don't forget our moment. Heh heh.


sick day

Well, I took today off from work. It's a good thing I did, too. I have a cold, my family's in town (with Beth, Joe, and JD staying with us), and I am in a wedding today at 5:30pm or so. Charles and Allison finally have everyone behind them for this pushed-up wedding. I am looking forward to what the Lord is going to do in their lives and in the friendships they will create with us and other married couples along the way. They are going to have an incredible impact that I could never have. That's why we're a Body, not individuals.

thrity-nine and thirteen

Back on Wednesday, February 14 (Valentine's Day), the Suns (39 - 13) faced the Seattle Supersonics (20 - 32). The Suns missed Steve Nash, Boris Diaw, and Kurt Thomas, all still sidelined because of injuries. The Suns lost by more points they they've lost by all season long, and that by far. The final score was 114 - 90, Sonics over Suns. The Suns go into the All-Star break without hitting 40 wins, while the Dallas Mavericks are now up to 44 - 9, with the best record bar four and a half games in the NBA. The Suns have now lost their last 3, while the Mavericks have won their last 9 and the Jazz their last 6 (who've now taken the third highest record over San Antonio). The Suns will take on a 25 - 28 Clippers team in LA next Tuesday at 7:30 AZ time. GO SUNS! Win number forty on the way!


goat-rope 07

The Bonsack family (my mom's side) is coming over to our house tomorrow (Thursday) night to have our official Goat-Rope 07 conference of family get-together. So, we didn't get to host Christmas 06 - which didn't even take place, if I remember correctly - but we get Goat-Rope 07...I think we're cool with that. Nank and Cyn-Cyn came over tonight to get the car seat for JD, since they were going to pick up my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and neph from Skyharbor. It was good to have them over, even for the brief 10 minutes or so, and we'll get to be together again tomorrow night at our place. So, arise Bonsack Kingdom, and join us at the of the Lion Manor for food, fun, and family. The best part...they're supplying the food for us! w00t. Here's a pic of the girls:

stormy az sky

On the evening that my family is coming in from AL, the AZ sky wanted to give them a little welcome with tons of rain. Here are a few pictures of the rainbow that came before the storm hit our place.


killer jackalope

Look out, Kha! That's the giant, killer jackalope of Bison Ranch!

winterrupt 07

Winterrupt 07 was ncc's winter camp which just took place this weekend, February 9-11. We were up at Bison Ranch, about 3 1/2 hours from Phoenix. What an incredible weekend! Chris Mueller spoke 4 times (3 Sat and 1 Sunday morning). We talked about unraveling ourselves and our view of being "religious." Getting rid of religion and having sound doctrine, meaning truth lived out, was huge. We had a lot of students that were convicted that their lifestyles don't reflect God's control and ultimate position. We had a few students accept Christ and were saved (as far as we know, since we can't see the heart, but God does), and we had 15 baptisms when we got home Sunday night. Praise and worship was great, and the band did a wonderful job. The planning was superb, as well, and the weekend went off without much of a hitch. The "dad's crew" was awesome, and the staff did a great job. Camelback Bible Church brought along their junior highers, as well, and I believe that they had a great time, too. God answered a ton of prayers this weekend. His name is to be greatly praised! All glory unto His name alone!

thirty-nine and twelve

The Bulls (29 - 23) just totally outplayed the Suns (39 - 12). Again Steve Nash-less, the Suns also missed out on the assistance of Boris Diaw because of a back muscle strain. Again, Marion and Amaré both earned double doubles (respectively 11 pts, 13 reb; 26 pts, 10 reb). The Suns had two players reach 26 points each, but the Bulls had three players with 27, 29, and again 29 points. The Bulls beat the Suns in Phoenix, 116 - 103. The Suns had a surge in the third quarter to get up by 5, but with so few people in the line-up, they lost their stamina in the fourth, and lost by 13 points. The Suns have one more game before the All-Star break, against the Supersonics (19 - 32) in Seattle. GO SUNS!

thirty-nine and eleven

Well, last Friday, Joe Johnson's team showed that Steve Nash is a necessary component to this Suns (39 - 11) team. Stat and Matrix both had double doubles (29 pts, 13 rbs; 11 pts, 11 rbs; respectively), but they both also fouled out. Diaw didn't put up the kind of numbers we'd expect from him, but he has an injured back now. The Suns were down by 2 after the first quarter, by 4 at the half, were back up by 1 at the end of the third, but let the Hawks (19 - 30) get 40 points in the fourth quarter to their 30, losing the game by 9, 120 - 111. Joe Johnson got 32 points to lead all scorers. The Suns moved on to match up with the Bulls on Sunday. GO SUNS!