gma irene and children

This picture is near and dear to me, and I have been amiss for not posting it yet. This was taken at my great grandma Van's 100th birthday celebration and family farewell. My grandparents (Gma Irene is pictured in the middle) had 7 children. Here they are listed in order as show in the picture with the order of birth noted: Kris (7), Susan Irene (5), Vaughn (1, my dad), Larry (2), Marcie (3), Chuck (4), and Valene (6).



For any of you who might know who my Great Uncle Fred is, does this guy look like him, or what?!
We were walking around Thunderbird Hospital, trying to induce labor and get those contractions closer, and this picture was on one of the walls in the hallway we were walking down. I couldn't believe the resemblance, and I thought it was funny. Amy didn't seem to care too much. ::tongue in cheek::

isaiah is hot stuff

Check out the majesty, the beauty, the Icy (Isaiah, that is).
A bit of an update: Amy is doing well, and the pain meds are working fine (she's not having to take but two pills a day - unless she's a lot more active for whatever reason). Isaiah got circumcised today (the Dr. said he slept through most of it - he also had his first bit of sugar at the time). Aidan and Kate are now sleeping in the same room (as of Sunday night after we brought Isaiah home for the first time). It has been a challenge to make sure that Aidan and Kate are getting enough sleep, since they love each other and love to interact. They were completely and utterly exhausted tonight, so hopefully they'll sleep well and wake up tomorrow refreshed. We've had people over helping us a ton (THANKS!) including Mike & Francy (agoo & zsa-ji), Grandma Irene (Meema), Ben & Amanda Fagerlie, and now Melissa Hundley (she's going to be spending the next few nights with us while her townhouse has some work done). Amy might not say much, or ask for much, but she is extremely grateful for all everyone is doing (and so am I - especially as I started teaching summer school today and need all the help around the house I can get). JoAnn Blackford has put together a list of ladies who've volunteered to bring us meals over the next two weeks. THANK YOU ALL!!!!


isaiah cole

Meet Isaiah Cole Van Liew!
Born 2:55pm 5/24/08, 6lbs 12oz, 19.5in


kate's birthday celebration continued

Kate had two birthday parties.  The first one was on her actual birthday, Friday (5/16), with just Amy, Aidan, and I.  The second one, this past Wednesday (5/20), involved Agoo & Zsa-ji and Nannie & Poppie, as well.  She got to have chocolate cake (as you can see).  Isn't she just absolutely adorable?!

computer been down

Sorry I've not been posting as much lately. The computer hard drive crashed on us earlier this week. There's been a lot going on, most of which I was able to talk about in the last post, but there is another pretty incredible thing that just recently occurred that I want you all to know about that I was unable to post about last night. Stay tuned!