amy's burn

Amy burnt herself last weekend pretty bad. She was trying to pan sear a roast before putting it in the crockpot when some of the oil splattered up on her hand and arm. She's dealing with pain and discomfort with the burnt areas still. We aren't sure how much will be left over scars. She is handling it like a trooper. She's an amazing woman, what can I say? I love her.


On the Van Liew side of the family, there were two births in the past week. Tammy (Van Liew) Plummer gave birth to her third son, Jeremiah David, on 11/17/08. Courtney (Van Liew) Steinman gave birth to her first child, Hunter James, on 11/20/08.

new hat

I got a new hat because a couple of guys from ncc and I have joined a program called the Timothy Program through Scottsdale Bible Church. It's a program geared to help men learn to be godly men. SBC regards the class as leadership training for men. Kent DelHousaye, my pastor, can see this as deacon and elder training. Anyway, all that said, I got a hat. The kids saw me wearing it and wanted to wear it, too, instinctively wanting to be like me...you know how it is. I thought they looked cute, so I took some pictures.

the kids

Here are some semi-recent pictures of the kids.  Aidan likes to hold Isaiah on the couch now.  And Isaiah has a comb over.

new words

This morning at the breakfast table as we were eating, a plane flew over outside.  Kate heard it and turned around to look at....the window I guess.  Like she could really see anything.  Anyway, she said, "what's that?"  Aidan then promptly answered her, "that's a plane."  She then repeated, "plane" sand Aidan said, "yes."  It was cute to see Aidan teaching Kate words that he already knows.  I think he has been waiting for her to be able to talk to him.

cell phones

Aidan has always liked pretending he was talking on a phone.  Now Kate likes to do it too.  The other day at lunch they were sitting at the table while I was feeding Isaiah on the couch.  They both had their hands up to their ears and were having a lengthly conversation with each other on the phone.  It was really funny.  They were talking back and forth, laughing.  They ended the conversation by saying bye to each other.  Aidan has now gotten to the point of taking a "phone" out of his pocket, pretending to dial, talking, hanging up, and then putting it back in his pocket when he is done.  That kid...

new shirt

I have been amiss at posting on here again.  What's new?  I realize that there are people who read on here that aren't on face book so I need to post here too.  So just a couple of funny updates on the kids.  At the beginning of the week Aidan had some  kind of sickness that was making his stomach hurt (eventually he did throw up).  All morning he kept lifting his shirt up and asking me for a new shirt because he thought that the shirt was making his stomach hurt.  It was kind of sad.