As many of you know, the Suns recently traded Shawn Marion (the Matrix, with the team 8 seasons and some change, and holds the Suns all-time rankings as 5th in minutes played, 5th in field goals made, 5th in field goals attempted, 2nd in 3-pointers made, 2nd in 3-pointers attempted, 2nd in rebounding, 4th in steals, 4th in blocked shots, and 5th in points scored) and Marcus Banks (who just recently was starting to see playing time in the Suns rotation and was doing a great job on defense and his three ball) to the Miami Heat in order to retain Shaquille O'Neal.  Shaq (self-proclaimed "Big Cactus") debuts tonight at home against the Lakers.  Okay...I was practically pissed at Steve Kerr for making this trade originally.  I couldn't believe it when it was a rumor, I really couldn't believe it when it was confirmed.  I told myself that I had to listen to what they had to say about it first, so I waited for a press conference.  After I saw the press conference, I then decided that what they had to say sounded good, but I needed to see some results before I got on board fully, though, obviously, I am rooting for the Suns hardcore anyway.  Now tonight is the night when the sports world watches to see if this trade ended up being a good idea for the Suns.  Even Kerr himself said that he's either a genius or a moron for this trade.  I truly hope he's a genius, and my excitement is heightening as the game is about to start, but I still wonder....  Oh, and by the way, Shawn Marion's stats have improved in the 3 games he's played for Miami, but they've also lost all three games and are the worst team in the NBA at the absolute antithesis of the best record with only 9 wins and 42 losses.  Sorry, Shawn (and Marcus).