latest stab at it

Brown just wouldn't flag...so I had to take out more than half of his holdings. He then proceeded to cuss at me after he'd flagged to surrender. Another juicy little tid-bit is that Nicole Blackford (married to Chris Blackford, one of my all-time best friends) is also a player of kdice. Below is a picture of one of her latest dominating wins. I'll definitely be looking to beat "signingtime" whenever I see her on kdice. Muahahahahaha...ah-ha?


food tastes good, wears even better

"I like a messy face."
"I think they're good lookin'."
"Wanna see my top teeth?"
"I know I'm cute even when dirty."

presents rock

"I'm only kinda into this."
"Nevermind, I like it."
"A lot."
"Tearing the paper is fun, but I'm not sure about that camera."
"Do I look debonair?"
"Thanks, Nana and Papa for my hat and clothes!"

good lookin' kid

"Can we say, 'Hot stuff' and 'Modeling career'?"
"I don't even have to look...I know I'm cute."
"Thinkin' about me? It's understandable."
"I am fairly estute and refined, as well."

fifty-seven and nineteen

The Suns (57 - 19) took on a sub-par team tonight and let them stay in the game the whole way...again. It seems that the Suns cannot just give themselves an easy night: each match-up has to be a hard one. In Oklahoma City, the Suns scored 37 points in the opening quarter (they way it should be done) to the Hornets (35 - 41) 23. Then the Suns lost the next three quarters, but only by two points each quarter, so the Suns ended up winning by 8 points, 103 - 95. Both Marion and Nash earned double doubles; 20 pts, 11 boards, and 15 pts, 12 dimes, respectively. Stat went 5 of 7, but got in foul trouble fast, so only played 21 minutes. All starters, other than Diaw, scored in double figures, and so did Barbosa and James Jones. Overall, it was a good game, but the Suns should have put it away much earlier, and won by many more points. It's alright: we still got a win. The next game is Sunday in LA against the Lakers (39 - 36) on ABC at 12:30m AZ time. Only six more games to go, and we play the Lakers twice in those games. We just need to get it done. Gotta stay ahead of San Antonio (2.5 games right now). GO SUNS!

fifty-six and nineteen

The Suns lost a hard one in San Antonio last night. The Spurs came out, played their game, and it was a defensive night. We're mostly an offensive team; we love to score and push the ball up the floor; but last night we had to play some good defense ourselves, and we did. The Suns (56 - 19) could have come back from a solid deficit, but each time they played a little sloppy and let the Spurs (54 - 21) get the lead back to larger numbers. The Spurs ended up keeping the Suns to only 37 points in the fist half. The Suns ended up losing by 7, 92 - 85. Bell had 11 points and 13 rebounds. All starters for the Suns ended up with double digits in scoring. Tony Parker took on the Suns by himself with 35 points. The Spurs even beat us in the assists column; something not done really at all this season. We couldn't hit our threes, either. 38.6% shooting for the Suns...also not really done this season. The Suns took on the NOK Hornets (35 - 40) next. GO SUNS!


dancing fool

Maybe Aidan was supposed to be a black child. As my dad likes to say, "He just has the rhythm in him." Aidan is a dancer, and has been for a really long time. Every time he hears pretty much any kind of beat, from music or pounding, he dances. It is really quite funny. He listens for a second and then he bobs his head to the beat. And it's usually pretty darn close to the right beat. This is especially amusing when we play rap music for him. He actually looks like he is doing that head bang thing. Maybe he will be a musician...who knows?

have your cake and eat it too

Well, it's a little late but, last week was Aidan's first birthday. It's hard to believe that it has already been a year, time really does go faster with kids. He got some toys and some books and some clothes for his birthday. Since he has so many friends we decided not to have a birthday party. Like he is going to remember it anyway. We did, however, let him have a birthday cake. He had a round of pound cake with blueberries and whipped cream, and a very tall candle. He was very intrigued by the fire, of course. He wasn't too sure what was going on with the singing and this thing in front of him. We don't usually let him eat with his hands so he didn't know if he could touch the cake or not. He stuck his fingers in the whipped cream first and couldn't decide if he should put it in his mouth. Eventually (with some verbal prompting) he did and he thought it was good. He did he fake laugh and looked at us like he couldn't believe that we were letting him eat this. We broke up the cake into finger sized pieces and he chowed down. He was shoveling it in quickly, he knew his good fortune would soon be over and we would take the sugar away. We let him eat about half of the cake and all of the blueberries and even provided some extra whipped cream. He was very happy... until it was gone. He bounced around the rest of the night, I don't know if it was the sugar or if it was just normal. He never really gets sugar, unless my mom is giving him ice cream, but that isn't too often and definitely not this much. It was a fun time to watch Aidan eat with reckless abandon and laugh about it. It was also fun to think back on the last year, on everything that has happened, what we were doing, and how much Aidan has grown. He is such a sweet boy and I know I have been blessed tremendously as a wife and a mother. Father, please call my son and allow him to become a great man after Your heart, like his father!

fifty-six and eighteen

The Suns won a game they should have won no problem, but only barely. The Suns took on the worst team in the NBA, and still struggled to pull away. The Grizzlies (19 - 57) scored 111 on this Suns team, but the Suns got 5 more, 116. Phoenix had a blowout second quarter, getting 40 points to the Grizzlies' 23 to go up by 12 at the half. The Suns lost the third by 11, and there was a game to be fought for on both sides. The Suns won the fourth by 4 points in order to win by 5, 116 - 111. It was too close for comfort, especially after having beaten the best team in the NBA twice in a row, the second time blowing them out by 22. Nash and Marion got double doubles; Nash had 15 points and 17 dimes; Marion had 17 points and 12 boards. Stat came up big with 27 points, and Barbosa had 24. We have the Spurs (53 - 21) to contend with next, and they easily defeat their opponent the same evening as this Suns pull-out win. Both franchises had a day off to prep for this game. It should be the best game left in regular season. The game is tonight in San Antonio at 6:30pm AZ time. GO SUNS!


kdice again

Another good win...I was told that someone didn't like my playing style...I thought that was strange since I just seemed to dominate. I had just previously been the first one out in the game before this. Tides shift.

fifty-five and eighteen

The Suns (55 - 18) did it! They blew out the Mavs! 126 - 104. A 22 point victory over the number one seed in the NBA. Even for the Suns, that is a feat. The Suns were down early on (by 3 at the end of the first), and it looked as if the Mavs would play one of their best games, but the Suns turned it on, especially in the fourth quarter (outscoring Dallas 37 - 22), and took the win. Dallas (61 - 12) is now 6 games ahead of the Suns, but the Suns (because of this win) put a bit of a cushion between them and the Spurs (who lost Sunday to Indiana by 1 point) of three games. Nash had the only double double of the game with 23 points and 11 assists. Stat had 24 points and 9 rebounds, and Barbosa and Marion also scored 20+. Diaw had a good game with 16 points and 5 assists. It is good to see him getting more into his role, take it hard to the basket, and even finish with a slam dunk. This was the best game left in the season. The next best is coming this Thursday against San Antonio (52 - 21), but we have the Memphis Grizzlies (19 - 56) to handle next. We just can't play to their level, and we'll be fine. The game is this Tuesday at 5pm AZ time but is in Memphis. We're going from the best team in the NBA to the worst team in back to back games. GO SUNS!