throwing rocks

One of Aidan's favorite things to do at my parents house is get rocks from outside.  Last week while he was over there they gave him a plastic bag full of rocks and let him throw them into the dirt (their landscaping wasn't done yet).  He was in heaven, I think he went through 3 bags full of rocks.

kate is cute for easter

Kate got a new dress for easter and looked really cute in it.


aidan and kate

so much for one while they were both looking...


kate gets a visit at PCH

The Ogles came to visit Kate in the hospital back in November.

more recent aidan

recent aidan

Okay, so all these pictures look alike, but they're not the same.
He just was happy for quite a while, that's all.
He loves to play catch, which he calls kutch.

kate plays with mama at PHC

Yes, this was awhile ago, but better late than never.  Kate was actually in Phoenix Children's Hospital back in November of 2007.

kate plays with zsa-ji

This is at our new house that we moved in to back in October of 2007.   Francy, a.k.a. Zsa-ji, was over helping out, and got to play awhile with Katelyn Anaya.