Yesterday, Amy and I signed the papers on refinancing our house.  We signed the papers faster as a team than most others, I guess, because the ladies were talking about our speed and we only spend about 30 minutes there when they told us it would take 45.  We're excited about future investment opportunities, and are looking forward to what the LORD will do with us and our stewardship of His resources.  If He is not in the investments, they will fail.  It's as simple as that, and we are great with it.  How can He be most glorified in how we do things financially?  That is what we are seeking to answer in the investments we explore.  To Him alone be the glory forever and ever.  Amen.

first five

Aidan doesn't do thing one step at a time, I guess, at least for very long.  And I mean that literally.  He has, before now, taken a step toward an object or person while he was standing and then would lean toward that object or person.  But yesterday, while we were spending the afternoon over at the Ogles', Aidan took five steps in a row as he was standing a little distance from Agoo (Mike Ogle) and wanted to get closer.  He didn't fall, but he did wobble a bit along the way.  All four of us (Mike, Francy, Amy, and I) were there to witness his first real steps.  It was great!  We all cheered for him, but he looked at us wonderingly, not really understanding what it was that he did.  What a humble young man. ;-)


new vehicle

Okay, so the pictures are grainy...it was dark out, I was using the iPhone's 2 megapixel dinky camera, and it was stormy.
Yes, stormy...that's right...that means that the monsoon has finally arrived in the Valley of the Suns, I mean, Sun.
It is a great vehicle. 48k miles. We drove it for 67 miles today, just to go out driving...and we looked at houses some while we were out, too.
We are very grateful to the LORD for His provision of a good vehicle.


beautiful lady

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, cute!
A little lackadaisical.
I have big, beautiful eyes.
What a cutie!

great grandma's play day

Look, Grandma! I have magnetic letters!
We're havin' fun down on the tile.
We just laughed and laughed together.
Alright! Grandma even helps me with my walker fun!

too early

Dad, it's too early for you to be sticking that camera in my face.
I do look good today, though.
I'm just a little unsure about this.
I got my drink...I'm good.

aidan sleeping

What a cute way to sleep.
My time behind bars.
In the shadow of my prison.
Gotta suck the thumb.