car and me

We're pals.
Maybe kissing cousins?
Well, I just kinda had to...

student drawings

I had some students leave me some wonderful drawings.
Van Liew is BOMB!
I guess I have a halo.
This was actually drawn on the side of my podium.  I told the one responsible to erase it, but not until after I'd taken a picture.  It is a pretty good likeness...maybe just a bit too round of face?

car and chris

I have a couple of friends who recently got engaged. I am going to have to check with them to see if they want their real names used on this blog as they both have expressed a deep desire to not write personal information about themselves on the web. For my purposes, at least for now, we'll just call them Car and Chris (since that is what Aidan was able to say of their names anyway). I think those names are pretty cute. ;-) I am planning on having their pictures on here, and if they don't want me to do so, they can contact me and I'll remove them (they read this blog, too). They are getting married in April and they've asked Amy to do the pictures. We're excited about that. I was also asked by Car to be a groomsman (he was one of mine, just fyi). I'm REALLY excited about that! I've already got a bunch of great things to say during a toast to the happy couple. Heh heh. They came and stayed with us this past weekend and we enjoyed it greatly. We played the Wii, watched movies, went to church, chatted and had good conversation; no Settlers, though. They slept on our couches and floor in the living room. Both bedrooms are taken up by children, now, but Car used to come and stay in our spare bedroom when not engaged. ;-) We hope to have them come back and join us numerous times as we grow close as good friends, if the LORD wills.
Here Car and Chris are eating our cereal.
Car. Quite good lookin', I'd say.
Chris. Quite good lookin', Car'd say.
It's alright: they're engaged.

katelyn takes a bath

What a wonderful smile.
She's our sweetie!
Kate is too darn cute!

return to blogging

Wow! It has been a looooooong time since I posted last (for me). I am glad to see that the poll I posted revealed that our readers desire to see pictures of the family and the like. So you're in for more! Here are a few pictures recently taken of Aidan as he was wearing two jackets, one on each arm: