four and two

The Suns (4-2) were in Miami tonight to take on Shaq and the Heat (0-5). Stat played for the first time in three games, but he only played 17 minutes, and this not because of his knee. Stat got a technical in a double technical call for a spat on the court with a Heat player. Then, after getting elbowed in the face twice by Shaq, Stat went over to complain to the ref and got his second technical, ejecting him from the game. Even though he still scored 9 points, had 3 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 steals, and 2 blocks: what a waste. The Suns looked disorganized and unpredictable for most of the game. They only really turned it up in the last quarter, and mostly with defense. Diaw didn't totally shut Shaq down, but he did a pretty good job of it in the fourth quarter. The Suns outscored the Heat 27-17 in the final quarter in order to eek out a win, 106-101. Nash, once again, had a 30 point performance and added in 8 assists. Marion had 17 points and an amazing 24 rebounds. We had 12 turn overs to their 15, and only were out rebounded by 5. The next game is tomorrow late afternoon (for AZ) in Orlando taking on the Magic (5-1). This is only the third home game for the Magic, having won 4 games on the road and splitting the two previous in Orlando. One more Eastern Conference road game. Bring it on. GO SUNS!

three and two

The Suns (3-2) went out on Wednesday to Atlanta to take on the Hawks (2-2). The Hawks had already beaten the Dallas Mavericks (3-1), giving them their first loss of the season. The Hawks have a young and energetic team who simply outplayed the Suns. Nash even scored 34 points and 11 assists and Marion had 20 points and 14 rebounds, but the Hawks played the better game overall. The final score ended 105-96, Hawks. We were out rebounded by 16, and Nash had an uncharacteristic 6 turnovers. The team is just not in sync yet. Next game is against the Miami Heat (0-4) in Miami. GO SUNS!


"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
~Abraham Lincoln


more of beautiful katelyn

She is just incredibly beautiful...like her mother.

my students love me

You know you have adoring students when you are losing your voice and they take the time to write you a get-well letter for you to hang on your wall and show off to all the rest of your classes.

thursday nights

We attend a Bible study at Bill and Jo Ann Blackfords' house with a bunch of Blackfords and a few others.  We have a great time studying God's Word together, sharing what we're studying, and praying for each other.  We bring our children, Chris and Nicole Blackford bring their son, Eli, and here we see Ben and Amanda (Blackford) Fagerlie's daughter, I mean, dogter.What an incredible way to have an intimate connection with your family.  (That's Amy in the background holding Kate while laughing.)

men's retreat

We recently had ncc's men's retreat up in Prescott, AZ.  It was a nice get away and JoJo Bortolotti did our speaking for us.  He is quite an enthusiastic personality, let me tell you (as Melissa Hundley would say).  This is what happens when the group is all men and we need to use more than one restroom in our meeting hall.  Makes me wonder what the ladies do to the men's sign when we're not there.
The only thing we couldn't figure out in our short time there was how to ditch the skirt.

first neighborhood gift

As we've just moved to our new place, we expected a warm welcoming from the neighborhood community.  This is what we received...
What a good lookin' amphibian.
It was in a shoe box that read, "Please take care of my frog."  So, of course being the man of strong character that I am, I let the stupid thing go in my front bushes.

how aidan chills

Aidan sits on his changing table just like this as often as he can.
We didn't teach him to do it; he just decided it was comfortable to him.
Oh, and older men like to read in the restroom; this is his place.

pretty girl

What a beautiful sight to behold.



"The only time a woman really succeeds in changing a man is when he is a baby."
~Natalie Wood


three and one

The Suns started their four game Eastern road swing tonight in Charlotte, NC, against the two and oh Bobcats.  This wasn't even a contest.  TheSuns were incredible, dominating assists 31 to 11, and having 14 less turn overs.  There were eight Suns in double figures; everyone was doing their part.  This is actually the second game in a row that Stat decided not to play because of swelling in his knee he just had arthroscopic surgery on in October.  Yes, that is a second knee surgery.  Not to worry, the team picked it up and just barely eeked out another win, only scoring 115 to the Bobcats' 83.  Yikes!  A 32 point victory?  And this over an undefeated team?  Well, it is the Eastern Conference, after all, so it can't be that shocking, I guess.  Marion and Diaw each had a double-double with 16 points and 11 rebounds for Marion and 15 points and 11 rebounds for Diaw.  Barbosa and Bell also had 16 points.  All of the analysts are calling this a very balanced attack with no one scoring over 16 points and yet they had 8 players in double figures and dominated the game.  Marcus Banks and little-know Sean Marks each scored in double figures, as well.  The Bobcats have never beaten the Suns in their existence as a franchise, now having an all-time record against the Suns of 0-7.  This is marks the 15th win out of 16 games (from last season to now) of road wins against the Eastern Conference.  We love it out there.  We would have swept the Cavs in the Finals just like the Spurs did.  Not a chance for the East.  So, the Suns advance to 3-1; the Bobcats are now 2-1.  The Suns take on Joe Johnson and the Hawks (1-2) in Atlanta tomorrow night.  GO SUNS!

great article

This is what students who believe can do with prayer and foot work.  Check out this victory for a high school Pro-Life club on a public school campus: Teen Wins Fight for Anti-Abortion Club at School.


two and one

The Suns (2-1) beat the Cleveland Cavaliers (1-2) last night at home in Phoenix. It was not a pretty game, but the Suns still managed to get over 100 points for the night. The first half was terrible. The Suns were down at the half, and only had 21 and 17 points in the first and second quarters, respectively, meaning the Suns only had 38 points in the first half. "Are these my Suns?" I kept questioning myself. The second half kicked it up a ton. Some said the change came from the half-time ceremony of inducting Jerry Colangelo (original franchise owner who brought the NBA to Phoenix, general manager, and one-time coach) into the Suns Ring of Honor (names and pictures of great Suns, who have contributed greatly to our franchise, put on permanant banners around the arena). It was a wonderful ceremony where even old #7, KJ - Kevin Johnson, got to say some great things about the man, Jerry Colangelo. Back to the game. The Suns had much more Suns-like 31 and 34 point third and fourth quarters to lift them to a 103-92 victory over King James and the Cavs. What a comeback. The Suns now head out on a four game road trip in the Eastern Conference. The next game is Tuesday in Charlotte against the Bobcats (2-0). GO SUNS!


family togetherness

While Amy's been away, I've been able to take care of both of the kids this weekend.  It was harder than I thought it would be, but it's been worth it.  One of the most meaningful things to me is when Aidan came up to me while I was holding Kate and asked to be picked up.  I went ahead and put him on my lap in the opposite arm where Kate was.  I had both children on my lap at the same time.   Too bad I couldn't take a picture of it.  That happened twice, by the way.  I was never more proud than when I held them both at the same time.  Strange...but incredible.