good lookin' kid

play day

Aidan has really enjoyed the new softer balls that we bought for him (made of some type of foam). He's had some hard plastic ones that he loves to throw down on the tile and make lots of noise with, but these new balls bounce more and we can toss them back and forth (I use that loosely: mostly I toss to him and he tosses wherever he feels like). I am loving being able to play with my son. Having time at home during the summer is a great thing for me. I've wanted to have time for my family, and being a teacher allows me to do that. I am teaching summer school, but I am home by noon or soon thereafter so I still have plenty of time for family. Aidan and I were playing this evening and so I decided to take some pictures of his awesomeness and post them on the web. GO AIDAN!

Yesterday, Aidan had his first really big head-hitting experience. He was trying to crawl around with balls in each hand. Needless to say, he slipped and hit his forehead very squarely on the tiled floor. He then proceeded to cry (which he does not do very much). After a little bit, Aidan's forehead started showing signs of the injury: there was a patch of redder skin which was a little raised. I got to hold him and try to show that I had him and he was safe. It was kind of exciting to be able to comfort my son in that way, even though it was a painful experience for him. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a father (now twice over) and to see my children already growing up some and having to deal with life. And I get to be a part of it! I am truly blessed. What a great God we serve!


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