one and one

The Suns (1-1) couldn't keep momentum going from the previous night's victory over the Sonics when they came home for their season home opener against the LA Lakers (1-1).  Well, I'll just come right out and say it, the Suns got their rears kicked, and hard.  They looked like a pathetic second rate team who had no control of the ball or their shots.  The Lakers capitalized on this and dominated the game.  The Suns trailed by more than 30 points at times.  The Suns had two very un-Suns-like quarters, the first and the third, where they scored only 20 and 17 points, respectively.  They made a push to get it back to a deficit of only 21 points when the game ended.  Nash had 19 points, but only 3 assists!  Stat only score 7 points and got into foul trouble again.  Marion got the team's only double double with 14 points and 10 rebounds.  This is not the kind of game a championship team has.  It is a bit troubling, but we have three more meetings with the Lakers before the season's over, and there are 80 more games overall.  The next game is against the Cleveland Cavaliers (1-1) here in Phoenix Sunday night at 6pm local time (and I believe Sunday is "Fall Back" day, daylight savings time, so we'll be MST again).  GO SUNS!

buzz lightyear

Amy sent me a link to see her Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride pic.  Looks like she got crushed to me.
I miss her.

update: Amy told me the reason she got creamed is that the ride stopped in the middle and Sarah (the other rider) had a target sitting within her view that she just kept shooting over and over again.  Poor Amy didn't have a target to shoot at. ;-)



That is one crazy (sadistic?) looking pig...
and that's my grandpa.
What do you think?

amy gone

Amy is right now in transit to Disneyland with Cassi Roberts and Sarah Blackford.  I already miss her, but I know that she'll have a great time with those girls, not to mention the place where they'll be, of course.  You should bug her to make sure she gives some great blog posts about her trip.  She was surprised to know that so many people want to hear from her.  Let her know again!
Oh, and they'll be staying in the Disneyland Hotel (swanky).  Guess it is the "Year of a Million Dreams," though.

one and zero

The Suns (1-0) start their season out with a win over the almost completely revamped Seattle SuperSonics (0-1), 106 - 99. The Suns looked pretty good in the first half, though they found themselves down for most of the game. Seattle's Durant (#35, pictured above) is an incredible player, but he is a rookie and needs some more experience under his bealt to lead this Sonics team down the stretch. The SuperSonics did not have the full 48 minutes in them, but if the game had ended after three quarters, it would have been theirs. The led the Suns for most of the game by at least two points. The Suns always stayed in the game with them, but they didn't show their dominant presence that I would like to see again. The Suns are still trying to find their feet. Nash even had a couple of silly turnovers that you never expect to see from him. The flow of the game was off becase of that and the Suns had a hard time taking the lead away from Seattle. The fourth quarter was all Suns, though, and it was a great show. The Suns got up by double digits a couple of times toward the end, and the Sonics couldn't do anything about it; they were spent. The Suns won by 7 points in the end, but it did show some mighty large flaws in our rotation at this point. We'll mesh soon enough. It's already a better record than last year's after the first game from each season. That's gotta be a good sign, right? The next game is our home opener against the LA Lakers (0-1) at 7:30pm local time. GO SUNS!
(Side story: the Seattle SuperSonics might become the Oklahoma SuperSonics if the owner has his way. Federal court is where this matter is, and it doesn't look like it'll be resolved any time soon. So, at least while it's in court, Seattle will keep its NBA team on the court; but how long with that last?)

welcome to planet orange

The Suns kicked off their 07-08 season last night. I'll talk about that in my next post. This year's theme for the Suns is "Planet Orange." Not sure exactly what it means, but I live there, that's for sure! I am jazzed about this season, and I am looking forward to seeing great plays, fun games, and lots of wins. GO SUNS!