the best part

I must say, the best part of the Suns 129 - 127 victory was being able to cheer the Suns on with my guys. My discipleship group has been together since they were in 7th grade, and I joined them as a leader the second semester of their 7th grade year. This is my sixth year with them, and they are a great bunch of guys. We poked fun at each other, each one pretty much getting his own turn, but we laughed and screamed and had a blast cheering our Suns on to this great win. We were hosted by the Tolmachoffs, and they provided pizza and the HD experience that this game deserved. What a blast we had together! We all jumped up and yelled when Nash hit that three at the end of regulation to tie. We high-fived and grunted together. Guys, if you're reading this, I love you all. You're an incredible blessing to me, and, no, not just because you like the Suns, also. I've been extremely privileged to be your d-group leader for all this time, and I am looking forward to the impact the Lord will have in and through your lives throughout the rest of this year and the many to come. I am proud to call you my friends. Serve Him with all your heart. He deserves our all. It's all for His glory: live like it.

fifty and fourteen

SUNS WIN! The Suns had a hugely difficult match up tonight, against the number one team in the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks (52 - 11). Add to that the fact that they were playing in Dallas, the Suns were about to face their best opponent of the season, for the third time. The Suns had lost both of the previous meetings. It looked like the Suns were going to play their style basketball and out-pace the Mavs, and they did so in the first and second quarters. The Suns couldn't handle the third quarter, which they lost 38 - 16. They were down by as many as 16 points in the fourth quarter, but the Suns pushed back. It was 111 - 108, Mavs, with the final seconds ticking off: the ball was in Steve Nash (two-time, will be three-time, MVP of the NBA). Nash shoots a three pointer to tie, but missed. Something that was quite the rarity in this game, the Suns got a rebound, and an offensive rebound at that. Marion rebounded, passed the ball back to Nash immediately, and Nash shot another three. IT'S GOOD! The game goes into overtime with a score of 111 - 111. The Suns come out to own the OT. They were up by 5 points, but the Mavs came back at the last second to tie the game and send it into the 2nd OT. In the 2nd OT, the Suns were able to get some fouls called in their favor (another thing that didn't happen during regulation) and two key Mavs players fouled out: Josh Howard and Erick Diaper, I mean, Dampier. Dampier had dominated the boards (11 rebounds, all offensive) and kept Stat as much at bay as possible, but once he was gone, Stat was able to take over. The Suns won 129 - 127 over the number one Dallas Mavs in double overtime. What a game! Maybe a good iTunes download? Quite possibly. Stat had 41 points and 10 rebounds; Nash had 32 points, 16 assists, and even 8 rebounds; Trix had 15 points and 12 rebounds. Stoudemire and Nash had to have great games, and they did. The Suns pulled out this 2OT win with an incredible comeback by incredible shooting and overall play. The Suns play the Pistons (41 - 22) on Friday in Phoenix at 7pm AZ time. We just beat the number one team in the NBA, and now we get to beat the number one team in the East. Not even a match-up this time. Then the Pistons take on the Mavs after that. The East's got nuthin' on the West. GO SUNS!


forty-nine and fourteen

The Suns (49 - 14) ended their five game home-stand on a great note: beating the Rockets (39 - 25). The Rockets came in with a desire to win, and they played well, but the Suns stopped Yao Ming and contained McGrady. Kurt Thomas even had two blocks against Yao within two plays. Coach D'Antoni got two technical fouls against him within 10 seconds for something that he said to the ref in anger. That got the Suns fired up. From that point on, the Suns started truly dominating the game. The Suns won by 21, 103 - 82. Oh, and the Mavericks (52 - 10) lost! Suns and Mavs tomorrow night at 6pm AZ time! Here we go! GO SUNS!


forty-eight and fourteen

Once again, a sub .500 team makes a win a struggle for the Suns (48 - 14). The Suns still pulled it out, but only by one point, 104 - 103. It was like this the whole game. The Hornets (28 - 34) kept up with the Suns, ran with them, and even shot as well. The Suns should have, no problem, demolished the other teams, but they didn't do it. On the other hand, the number 1 Mavericks played the Lakers Sunday and won by 36 points. That's how to do it. The Suns will host a hot Houston team (39 - 24) tonight at 7pm AZ time (since daylight savings has gone into effect for everyone but AZ). The Suns then move on to Dallas to take on the Mavericks (52 - 9) who are on a 17 game winning streak right now. Should be a great game Wednesday. GO SUNS!