nine and two

Last night, the Suns (9-2) took on the Sacramento Kings (4-7) at Arco Arena in CA. The Suns had a 19 point lead and then decided to stop playing basketball. They allowed the Kings, whom they should have buried, to tie the game with only a couple minutes left in the game. The Kings eliminated a 19 point deficit, but Stat took the Suns on his shoulders and scored the last 8 points of the game, but he missed his last two free throws that could have sealed the game. He made up for it, though, with a game winning block of a three-point attempt with 2 seconds left in the game. The Suns held off to win 100-98 (too close for comfort). This is another game where the Suns should have dominated the entire event, did for a few minutes, but let the other team right back in it so they had to fight harder than they had all night just to win. There is more work to do than I had thought, but, we are still in a winning streak of now 6 in a row. Tonight they play the Kings again, but this time here in Phoenix. GO SUNS!

eight and two

The Suns (8-2) are riding high now on a 5 game winning streak after taking on the Rockets (6-5) in Houston. Stat and Barbosa (who started the night) both had 21 points (Stat also had 13 boards), while Nash had 19 points and another evening of 15 dimes dished. Hill and Marion had 18 points a piece, but Marion also added in 11 boards. All five starters, therefore, had at least 18 points. The Suns won each of these categories: boards (by 8), dimes (by 6), blocks (by 10!), and points (by 10). The Suns had this game completely wrapped up and would have buried the Rockets if it hadn't have been for the amazing 25 turnovers that the Suns committed. Stat had 7 T.O.'s, Barbosa 6, and Nash 5. The only reason the Rockets even had a chance in this game was because of those turnovers. The Suns ended up defeating the Rockets 115-105 anyway, but there is a lot of work to do still for the Suns (and they're on a five game winning streak...good time ahead?).

seven and two

Six Suns had double figures in the scoring column, led by Barbosa with 25 off the bench and Grant Hill with 24. Nash added in the only Suns' double-double with 10 points and 15 dimes. The Suns (7-2) went on to defeat the down and out Chicago Bulls (1-6). The Bulls had a huge spurt in the third quarter, but the Suns responded with 37 fourth quarter points. The Suns won 112-102. This win makes a 4 game winning streak.

six and two

The Suns (6-2) are starting to get on a roll with another win over another Eastern Conference team. The Suns were back at home after a 4-game road trip, and they took on the Marbury-less New York Knicks (2-4). The Suns dominated the game overall, but let up in the fourth quarter, allowing the Knicks to feel that they could get back in the game. The Suns let the Knicks score 30 points in the fourth. The Suns held off the Knicks and won the contest 113-102. Stat had 26 points and 12 boards, while Marion and Barbosa had 23 points each, and Hill had 21. Nash didn't have a big scoring night, but he did have 12 dimes to add to his 5 points. The Suns out-rebounded, out-stole, and out-blocked the Knicks by 2, 2, and 5, respectively.

five and two

My Suns Chronicle is a bit behind with what happened with our daughter Kate, but I'd like to get us caught back up.
The Suns (5-2) took on the Magic (5-2) in Orlando to wrap up their Eastern road trip back on Nov 10th. The Suns won 106 - 96 over a team that will need to be reckoned with before season's end. Barbosa has an incredible night of a career high 39 points. Nash had 19 points and 11 assists. All of the starters were in double figures scoring. Even though Dwight Howard answered Barbosa with 33 of his own points, the Suns were overall stronger and pulled out a 10 point win.


home sweet home

Kate if finally home! (And so am I!) We got released form the hospital this evening at around 7. It is so nice to be home for more than just a shower. It was nice to see Aidan tonight too, I missed him. It has been such a long week, but all of the days kind of melded together. We were only really gaging time by 'Maybe she can go home after 2 days' and other things like that. As of this morning we weren't sure if we were going to make it home tonight or tomorrow morning. The dr. and nurse seemed to think that it wouldn't be until tomorrow because of all the things that had to be done before we were able to leave but the very good nurse pushed things through as fast as she could so we could get home tonight. It was very nice of her. This morning when they weighed Kate she had gained 3 oz. and the dr. cleared her to go home because she proved that with the right amount of calories she could gain the weight she needed to. This was after one night with the tube feedings. We were trained today on how to put the feeding tube in and change it, were were given a home pump and I learned how to use that and hook Kate up to it at night. Alot of stuff happened today, and I got to watch the last NASCAR race of the season since I was still in the hospital. JoAnn provided me with a very good lunch (I am sick of the cafeteria food...blahhh) and we had some visitors this afternoon to. John Lasley, The Brothwells, and my parents. It was nice to see everyone. Sorry if I seem to be rambling a bit, I am very tired and can't seem to keep my thoughts straight. Anyway, so I am happy to be home, have Kate in her own bed, have me in my own bed, not to have people coming in at all hours of the night checking on things (loudly) and not to have any strange people with strange sicknesses in the same room with me. I will write some more later just wanted to give an update on everything now. Thank you so much for all of your prayers, love and concern.