I was just recently told that KAIO (college-age and twenty-somethings group at ncc) had a facebook page, I should join facebook, and that I then would be made an admin of that page so I could help everyone in KAIO stay informed and build community. I didn't take it seriously at first, but then I decided to try it out. I set it up last Friday at 1am. I had 100 friends within two days. I now have 159 friends. It is one of the coolest things I have dealt with online. Myspace can be really trashy, but facebook seems to be different, for all of my exposure so far of less than a week. I liked it so much that Amy made a facebook account for herself, as well. There is an iPhone app for facebook, so I am on facebook on my iPhone as much as I am on my computer at home and my computer at work, as well. I have connected with friends I had in high school who've I've not seen nor heard from in 9 years until facebook. It is an amazing networking tool. I just hope I can keep blogging and doing facebook without it killing me for time.

school about to begin

Yes, it is that time of year again: monsoon weather in phoenix, heat still there, sun still rising early, and children about to head back to school. DVHS is where I call home for my teaching career at this stage. I do love it there. I am looking forward to another good year. I am teaching 3 classes of freshman level algebra and 3 classes of junior level algebra. My schedule is as follows:

Per 1 - Algebra 3-4
Per 2 - Algebra 1-2
Per 3 - Algebra 3-4
Per 4 - Algebra 3-4
Per 5 - Lunch
Per 6 - Algebra 1-2
Per 7 - Algebra 1-2

I can already tell you that my second hour is going to be the most challenging. LORD give me grace! Oh how at times like these I wish I was more merciful and understanding of others. Pray for Deer Valley's population, would you? Pray the LORD would reveal Himself in ways that could only be explained as that He showed up. Pray for CCC (Christian Club on Campus). Pray for CCC's leadership. Pray for Diedrich Wasserbauer and I as we sponsor CCC. Pray that it will have an impact for the Kingdom of our LORD, Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory!