homecoming carnival

Alright, so I do some crazy things. Like, when I was at Boulder Creek, they asked me to stand behind a board with a hole cut in the top for someone's face to fit in so that students could through whipped cream pies at my face...and I did it. And again, at Deer Valley this time, I was asked to let students throw whipped cream pies in my face for the Best Buddies club (where general education students pair up with special needs students for the school year and are friends together). I said, "Sign me up!" This is what then ensued...
"Okay, that wasn't nice."
"Double? And over my ears? What are you thinking?!"
(I couldn't hear after that one for a while.)
"Can you believe these students?"
"And there's another one."
"I'm outta here."
(Dang bag didn't do me any good at all.)

recent aidan pics

"For cuteness, look no futher."
"Oh, that's right...you've come to the right place."
"I know how to put on a show."
"Or maybe this face just steals it."