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Here's a beautiful picture of three generations.
Francy Ogle; Amy, Aidan, and Kate Van Liew.

may day update

While eating rice crispies at the dinner table at the Ogles', Aidan used his nostrils to blow air and move them on the table.  He thought this was hysterical, and he got all the rest of us laughing, too.

Kate can now say "hi" really well and says it constantly to people she sees.  We were told last Sunday that Kate was the only baby not crying in the nursery and the silver lining to the dark cloud of many other babies showing off the waterworks.  The workers were saddened greatly when Agoo picked her up and took her, their lone good tempered baby, out of the nursery.  She truly has a happy and positive temperment and personality.

Amy only has 5 weeks left until the suspected due date for Isaiah to join us out of the womb.  We are very much looking forward to his appearance, though I can't say we are particularly ready (some might say we don't even know what that means yet).  She's feeling alright, but she's ready to be done.  There are days and times that she wishes Adam was home to handle everything else so she could just rest.  Amy is an amazing lady, and quite the trooper.

There are only 2.5 weeks left of school.  Adam is excited to be done with school and be home with Amy and the family, especially with Isaiah just around the corner.  Adam also has an exciting opportunity that could be coming his way.  There is a Math and Science Teaching Fellowship through ASU that is funded through a government grant.  This fellowship would be a total of a 7 week commitment, but Adam would be paid a grand per week.  He would also receive a stipend which will include a brand new laptop computer and the ability to buy whatever technology that he wants to own for use in his classroom or wherever he desires.  The program includes 5 weeks during the summer with the mornings being research and the afternoons being curriculum creation with a collegial team.  Adam is truly excited about the possibility of being chosen to be a part of this incredible opportunity.  He submitted his application and a statement of interest, and he had his principal send a personal recommendation for him to enter the program.  We'll just have to wait and see if he's accepted.