christmas dessert pics

Here are a couple pictures that Amy took of my barbershop quartet Four Cryin' Out Loud.
We very much enjoy singing together.

word of the year

One of my favorite words is a word that was created by gamers online: w00t. That's spelled with the letter 'w' and then two zeros and then the letter 't.' It is normally used to express excitement and/or agreement with something that has recently occured. If you would like to read more about Webster's Word of the Year for 2007, go here. There is also www.woot.com (spelled with the letter 'o,' not zeros) that sells only one product per day, but it sells it cheap, whatever it is, because of the bulk. We got our Dyson vacuum cleaner from there. It is a great place to shop.

where's the camel?

Click on the image to enlarge it (in order to read the text).
Credit: Matthew du Mée found this one


my buddy and me

Gotta love reading!
What a couple of good lookin' gents.
Yeah, we're pretty much the coolest!
Aidan wasn't very happy here, but we still are two darn handsome men.

just laying around

Aidan thinks that it is really fun to lay on the floor next to Kate while she is playing.  Tonight he held her had while we was there and they just laughed while laying there.  It was really cute.


Finally some kind of post about Disneyland...and its only been a month.  Sarah, Cassi, (Susan) and I had alot of fun at Disneyland last month.  We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel while we were there.  There were the usual antics and joking and lots of walking around.  I was so looking forward to going to Disneyland and being able to do whatever I wanted because I was not going to be pregnant, but plans changed.  So therewere a few things I didn't get to go on, but only a few.  The Park was open till midnight on both Friday and Saturday while we were there so that was nice to stay late.  We had a very nice brunch buffet courtesy of the NCC student ministries.  We ate at Goofy's Kitchen, it was really good food.  But I have to say that the highlight of that meal was Goofy coming to our table and flirting with us.  He drew us a self portrait and everything.  I'll work on getting that scanned.
  It was Sarah's birthday on Monday, and even though we were not in CA on Monday Cassi and I still made Sarah wear a birthday pin the whole time we were there.  We thought maybe it would get us something extra but it didn't get anything but alot of random people telling her happy birthday.  My personal favorite was while were in line for Peter Pan at about 11:30PM.  This group of people a few people in front of us in line started singing happy birthday kind of quietly.  I was trying to figure out who they were singing to because no one in their group had a pin on, when they got to the name and said Sarah she freaked out because she was really tired and didn't know what was going on.  She gave them a really weird look.  I thought it was really funny.  We went on Splash Mountain kind of early in the AM.  There was no line (cause no one ever goes on it in the morning cause its too cold to be wet) so the girls said we should just go on it now.  SO we did.  We got to the first small drop, and we all got soaked... it was bad.  SO we decided that we at least better get a good picture out of all the wetness.
Sarah's least favorite ride was the elevator ride in the hotel.  She kind of had a hard time with it every time we got on it, it was kind of funny too... especially because she really liked the Tower of Terror, and thats just one big elevator.  WHen they were waiting for it (I couldn't go on that one) Cassi tried to explain it to Sarah and she said it was kind of like an elevator, that was a mistake but she liked it alot anyway.  Well I think thats all for this post on Disneyland, I'll say more later I guess.  


Aidan has now decided that he really likes pizza. Eery tuesday we get pizza for Adam's CCC group and we eat it too so I don't have to make anything else.  This arrangement works out well in Aidan's eyes because he gets to eat pizza once a week.  He started saying pizza well tonight.  Its pretty funny, he gets all excited when he sees the box and wants to eat right when he sees it.  We aren't talking one piece either, he eats three.  Yes three pieces of pizza in one sitting.  Tonight he tried to just eat the cheese off the top before eating the rest, he was pretty much putting the whole slice in his face, I had to turn away so he wouldn't see me laughing.  It must be good...


more barbershop practice