KAIO study

I took this picture a couple months ago, I suppose. We are doing a study through Colossians together in KAIO (college-age and twenty-somethings at ncc). This diagram represents Col 2.6-7. Look it up!


new be eyes pics

Yes, that is nub in the pic with Isaiah. Nub remembers such experiences as being in Aidan's mouth and being in Kate's mouth. Yes, he's a hand-me-down, but he's part of the family.
The tongue sticking out is my favorite.
Oh, and he still has blue eyes.
By the time the other kids were Isaiah's age, they already had their permanent eye color.
Yep, good lookin' boy, though this picture kind of freaks me out. Can't tell if that's a smile or not.

be eyes' feet

The poll was conducted, and though the response was a little "underwhelming," I'd say we have a winner: Be Eyes is the best nickname for Isaiah from Aidan. Just as a little added bonus, here are some pictures taken at the same time as the family of five pictures, but these are just of Isaiah's feet. What do you think?

family of five

Yes, we've had to move to zone defense. So far, so good.These are our first pictures of the five of us.
Quite the handsome family, wouldn't you say?

watching aristocats

Last night, before the storm, Aidan and I got on the ottoman and watched his favorite movie: The Aristocats.
He asks for it all the time: "Watch meows? Watch meows?"
He says it incessantly, "Watch meows? Watch meows?"
That is, until you finally give in and watch.

kate's sleeping habits

Kate had play time, but she took a nap instead.She had placed herself up against the side of the pack-n-play.
I don't know how comfortable she could possible be in that position.
But, she slept really well, so what do I have to complain about?
She's quite a cutie!

aidan biffed it

So there was a big storm last night, and it had just started downpouring, so I got up from the computer, went out to the living room, where Amy and Aidan were, and we decided to go out back to see and touch the rain. Aidan was so excited that he started running toward the back door. He tripped, face-planted, and started crying. I felt so bad for my little bud: he was so excited and then biffed it hard. Take a look at his nose: that's where he took it the hardest.
Yet, he can still smile this morning.
We very much enjoyed playing with the rain, though.
He's fine.
What a happy kid!