lounging in the chair

This actually looks like it hurts at first.
"I'm just striking a pose."
"Here's another."
"Yes, cuteness, like blue steel. It's my pose of all poses."
"I am too fine."

aidan with a fork?

We've been working on getting Aidan to eat with a fork.
He's not incredible at it, but he's getting there.
Katelyn had to get into the pictures with her cuteness, too.
Aidan still likes his picture taken.
Hooray! He got some!

sleepy katelyn

I walked in, saw her sleeping and just being generally cute, so we needed the camera.
Can't sleep without the blanket and finger in place.
Gotta love sucking on the pointer finger.
"I'm a bit too tired for this right now."
"It's okay now. I'm cute."