nine and six

First day of December, 2006, and the Suns get six straight! The Suns beat the Milwaukee Bucks, 122 - 116. Very high scoring game. I, sadly, did not get to watch it, as our computer froze up, and didn't restart correctly while we were away. We (Amy and I) got to go to DVHS's winter dance concert, though, and it was pretty good. There's always stuff that is just too much, but, I would say, overall it was pretty good. I had a bunch of my students in the dance troops, so it was good for me to be able to go. I now will be able to tell them how good they were tonight, and that is a positive thing to encourage your students with. The Suns now take on one more team at home, the Kings (8 - 6), on Tuesday. GO SUNS! GO SKYHAWKS!

gettin' chilly

Man, it's cold outside in the mornings as I walk on my way to work. The wind's blowing, the temperature's falling, and it is now December. For this very warm-blooded Phoenician, the 40's are fun, but can also be considered way too cold. I'm happy with the 60's and 70's, but when our nights fall close to the freezing point, that's just pushing a little too far. What beautiful afternoons we're having, though. The high temperature is only reaching into the upper 50's to lower 60's in the past few days, and will barely get a little higher in the next few. Christmas lights are up all over the city, and you can smell fire logs burning in people's fireplaces, smoke pouring out of the chimneys into our already polluted air; but how nice is that smell.


eight and six

The Suns had a 35 point first quarter and a 33 point fourth, but the third quarter continues to plague the Suns, as they only scored 13 points. The Rockets came back from a 22 point deficit to take the lead in the third, but the Suns were able to rally back and finish the game 102 - 91. The Suns snapped a four game winning streak by the Rockets, and increased their own streak to five games. The Blur and Stat led the way in the fourth to bring the Suns back to win the game. The Matrix and Stat both had double-doubles. The Suns now will take on the Bucks in Phoenix on Friday, in the middle of a three-game homestand. We're gunna make it a six game winning streak after Friday's win. GO SUNS!


DVCCC had a meeting at my house again today, Wednesday. There were only three students that came, and Amy joined us. It was nice to have Amy here with us. She's always brutally honest about me, to me and to others. We watched some SB Emails (Strong Bad Emails, www.homestarrunner.com), talked about what they were studying, how it was changing their lives, where they were seeing answers to prayer, and who they were sharing with. This was our first time doing the "core questions," so they were unsure about answering, but we got some good responses. We had a good time just getting to know each other a little, and talk of the Lord and His glory.

game fourteen

The Suns take on the Houston Rockets here in Phoenix tonight. The Rockets have been doing well this season so far, but they have not had a schedule that challenged them, as of yet. That stops now. Challenge with the Suns, and the Suns are going to show you that you're not ready to play them. Prediction from the future president of the United States, Matthew du Mée: "The Suns will not go below 500 again this year." GO SUNS!


seven and six

The Suns have a winning record! We are now 7 - 6. 119 - 101, the Suns top the Blazers. Raja Bell had a game high of 30 points. The Suns were up by as much as 25. Only in the first few minutes of the game were the Suns ever down. Way to go Suns. D'Antoni was not going to his bench much in the fourth. They've proven that he can't trust them to close out a game, even when the team built up a huge lead before they would come in. This time, we held off each attempt to come back and won by 18. The Suns take on the Rockets back here in Phoenix on Wednesday next. GO SUNS!

game thirteen

The Suns take on the Trail Blazers tonight in Portland. Portland is 6 - 8, while the Suns are now 6 - 6. The Blazers just lost to the Sacramento Kings by 20 points, 105 - 85. They'll have something to prove, but we need to keep pushing ourselves. The Suns need to build the lead up, which the Blazers will let them do, and then sustain it, as the Suns are notorious for handing the game back to their opponents late in the game. GO SUNS!