Doesn't Kate look comfortable layin' on mama's lap? Aidan doesn't care; he's just interested with his sock in the dining room.


Aidan loves to have books read to him. He likes to turn the pages.
This is one of Amy's favorites to read to children: Moo, Baa, La La La.
"Now, where's that meow meow at?" I can hear him ask (we have telepathy goin' on).
"Oh, there it is!" What a smart young man. ;-D

learning to walk

We got Aidan this new toy to aid in his attempts to walk. He needed a little of mom's help to get him goin', which he didn't always enjoy.
But Amy got him up and movin'.
And then he ran into the couch...again.
Keep tryin', buddy. You'll get there.



Don't I look happy to be awake? ::cough:: Sarcasm. ::cough::