highlights of Palin's acceptance speech from RNC

Makes me believe my vote might truly be worth something.

cardboard testimonies

NCC will be doing something similar Thanksgiving weekend. The worship team I lead will have the privilege of being the team leading worship for this exciting event.

Update: they changed the date and my group will NOT be the group playing.


bloody (inoffensive) murder

Katelyn took food out of her mouth. Guess what happened? That's right, she got her hand slapped. Don't you just love that face?!

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a man and his phone

Me looking schnazzy with my schnazzy new shirt and schnazzy first gen iphone.

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combed and dangerous

Isaiah got his hair combed after his bath tonight and looked all debonaire.

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kate's babydoll

The babydoll that Kate now loves to hold, play with, take care of, was Amy's doll from her early childhood. I think that's pretty neat, myself.

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hi agoo

Aidan decided his bath time play would include a phone call from Agoo (Mike Ogle, his grandpa, Amy's dad). He even raised that sifter up to my head for me to say hello. Yeah, he's a cute kid with a good imagination already.

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katelyn walking

Now, Kate still prefers to crawl, mind you, but she can walk. She walked from the couch into the middle of the room today. I guess Amy says that she's already taken five strides in a row, but now I've seen it with my own eyes. She's still chicken, though, so she won't walk all the time. She'll get there. Just give her some more time.

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aidan counts again

"1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 3, ketchup!"

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more onlookers

Aunt Valene, cousin Ashley, Gma Irene, cousin Violet, and Barbara Hays, all watching cousin Levi and uncle Howard open their gifts for their birthdays.

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birthday presents

In this picture you see a bunch of family members watching Levi open his birthday gifts.

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allison, susan, and audrey

These three ladies were just sitting there having a pow wow while the birthday boys were opening their presents. It was great to see everyone at the party. Amy and our kids could make it because the kids are all still sick. I had to represent the Adam Van Liew Clan by going in my family's stead. I had a good time while there. I had to leave early so I could finish grading and help get dinner together for the fam.

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caleb and charles

Caleb and Charles are cousins of mine. We were all gathered for our uncle Howard and cousin Levi's birthday celebration. I took the picture to display the beauty of the Van Liew men, but Charles looks like a moron.

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definition of cuteness

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not one to mince words

We were all about to eat lunch and it was time to hold hands and pray together as a family. We all grabbed hands and I started praying. Katelyn decided I was taking too long, said Amen, let go of my hand and pulled away. Maybe she just likes it short, sweet, and straight to the point.

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belly button

amanda & beth ddr

amy & beth ddr


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