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poetic response to pain

The pain you express makes me hurt within
I don't understand the suffering which you are in
But along the way we may turn and find
That someone will listen, even pay you mind
Is that what you cry out for? Not just from the pain?
Can it be that what you need is Christ's soothing rain?

If those who bear His name have hurt you as such
I apologize and empathize because you've hurt much
While people suck and we fail left and right
Truly, truly, I say to you, Christ still is Light
Though the flesh we're in will rotten and decay
Still the LORD is caring, loving without delay

Too much is made of our failings by us
Christ has dealt with it, in Him I will trust
If peace is what you seek, don't look away
His arms are open wide, ready to comfort today
Are you willing to just let it all go?
Grace and new life He's waiting to show

REST! He provides what I need
My neediness must yield to His incredible deed
REST! Precious gift
Made alive for His glory and praise to lift


new blog

Please go to our family's new webpage, Clan Van Liew, which now hosts our current blogging and our pictures (both with rss support so you can subscribe to be made aware of any new updates). We'd love to have more readers! So, share it with your friends and family who know us. Our latest blog update shares the ordeals we've faced this week. I think it's a good read (and I hope you agree). Go check it out!


tryin' sumthin' new

I'd like all you faithful readers out there ::grin:: to check something out for me and give some feedback on whether you think we should move this direction or not. I just created a sample new site for our family which would include photos, videos, and blogs. If you end up liking it, I think we're going to switch to it instead of using blogger. Please, leave a comment and let us know what you think about the project: Clan Van Liew. Thanks!


student quote

Directed to a student of mine, M.A. (Period 3):

"My first mistake was listening to you instead of Van Liew."
~C.K. (Period 3)